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This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Before you prepare to pack up and check out for the weekend, we’ve rounded up the top five posts that caught your collective eye.  From obscure urbanization studies to electricity deregulation and women entrepreneurs, our Essential StateImpact posts make for a particularly motley crew this week. Why Urban States Are More Productive Than Rural Ones […]

New England Could See (Bigger) Gas Price Spikes Following Refinery Closures

The quirky calculus of oil price economics is notoriously complex.  What that often translates to, in terms of media coverage, is continual score-keeping.  How much have prices risen over the past week?  From this time a month ago?  A year ago? Foster’s Daily Democrat is particularly good at keeping up with the flow of figures.  […]

How NH’s Manufacturing Sector Stacks Up To Its Neighbors’

Recently, the White House has had manufacturing on the brain.  From the State of the Union address to Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Albany Engineered Composites in Rochester, the Obama administration has been pushing its plan to create more jobs in the manufacturing sector. This renewed focus got us thinking about what New […]

Mapping Who’s Coming To–And Leaving–New Hampshire

As you’re probably well aware by now, StateImpact really, really likes maps, charts, and other cool ways of visualizing the numbers soup we lovingly refer to as “raw data.”  Oftentimes, we like to generate our own stuff.  But every now and then, someone creates an interactive data tool so cool, we just have to share […]

How Big Box Stores Stayed Stocked Up on Batteries During the Hurricane Scare

If you were in the Northeast last week, you probably saw the retail aftermath of a freak hurricane scare: Big box store shelves denuded of cheap flashlights and, more importantly, their constant companions, those hulking, hard-to-store, near-obsolete D batteries.  People who didn’t even remember where their flashlights were suddenly started scouring New England for the […]

We’re #2…For Percentage Of Spending On Debt

According to the Tax Foundation, 6.9 percent of New Hampshire’s direct spending went toward interest payments on debt in FY 2009. The only state that devoted a higher portion of its funds to interest was…Massachusetts, at 9.58 percent.  (You can find more surprising comparisons between New Hampshire and Massachusetts here.) Overall, New England eats up a goodly portion of the […]

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