New England Carries Some Of The Country’s Heaviest Student Loan Debt

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All over the country, young people are protesing against heavy student loan burdens. But it's worse in New England than in many other areas.

Recently, we’ve been looking into student debt in New Hampshire.  (You can read the initial posts here and here.)  As the Project on Student Debt reports, the Class of 2010 took on a record amount of loans–an average of $25,250 nationally.

And the newly-graduated in New Hampshire took on the heaviest burden in the country, an average of $31,048.

So how did the rest of New England stack up?

Not so well, it seems.While New Hampshire ranks #1 in the nation for student debt among the Class of 2010, Maine’s not far behind, at #2.  Only Massachusetts and Connecticut missed the Top 10…barely.

You can see the nitty-gritties of New England student debt loads on the table below, which we created using data from the Project on Student Debt’s report “Student Debt and the Class of 2010.”

Regional Student Debt*

State Average Debt Rank By Debt $ % With Debt Rank By % With Debt
Connecticut $25,360 13 61% 21
Maine $29,983 2 68% 7
Massachusetts $25,541 12 63% 16
New Hampshire $31,048 1 74% 2
Rhode Island $26,340 9 67% 9
Vermont $28,391 6 66% 11

*Debt calculated only for four-year public schools and private non-profit four-year schools


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