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Education = Economy, An Update

An Education Update! Today, the House passed a bill preventing a doubling of interest rates on new student loans, which was scheduled to go into effect Sunday. In New Hampshire, Gov. Lynch’s veto on a education tax credit for businesses was overidden — a “keystone” of the Republican agenda, as Sam Evans-Brown reported for NHPR […]

To Make College Shopping Easier, White House Launches “Know Before You Owe”

It’s not every day that the US Secretary of Education calls me wanting to talk, but on Tuesday afternoon that’s just what happened.  When I asked Secretary Duncan what he wanted to talk about, he said, “college affordability.” Earlier that day he, Vice President Joe Biden, and Consumer Financial Bureau Director Richard Cordray kicked off […]

Why Obama’s Pushing Student Debt As A Campaign Issue (And Why It Matters To NH)

One of the stories we try to check-up on regularly at StateImpact is New Hampshire’s student debt situation.  The average Granite Stater carries $31,000 in student debt–more than anyone else in the country.  The US House is set to vote today on whether cuts to student loan interest rates will expire this summer.  If so, […]

Why A Business Magazine Named SNHU One Of World’s Most Innovative Companies

Looking at media rankings of companies–“Most Innovative,” “Fastest-Growing,” or other roundups of various firms–we aren’t often surprised.  Take the magazine Fast Company.  For this month’s issue, they’ve listed “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.”  Dominating the Top 4 are the perennial occupants of the corporate Cool Kids’ Table: Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Normally, we’d […]

How Dodd-Frank Regulations Affect You (Trust Us, They Will)

One of the key consequences of the economic collapse a few years ago was the passage of a massive piece of legislation called the “Dodd-Frank Act.”  The bill was co-sponsored by (now-retired) Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut and (soon-to-be-retired) Democratic Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank.  In a nutshell, their idea was to prevent another massive […]

Economic Themes Dominate NH State Of The State Address

Today marked Governor John Lynch’s last State of the State address.  And, as one might expect during a slow trudge toward recovery, the bulk of Lynch focused either directly or indirectly on the economy.  Some of the key themes included issues that we’ve covered or put on the Watch List of our Ultimate Legislative Guide.  […]

Best Of State Impact: Delving Into NH’s High Student Debt Numbers

After a punishing state budget cycle last legislative session, New Hampshire’s University System took a $40 million hit.  The fallout has reached the state’s students–which already paid some of the highest tuition in the country.  Their bills for state education has gone up, and the University System is proposing another increase to cover rising costs […]

Q&A: What’s Driving UNH’s High Student Debt Numbers?

Starting last week, and continuing today, we’ve been focusing on a report from the Project on Student Debt. Nationally, the average Class of 2010 student graduated with $25,250 in loans, while New Hampshire alumni carried student debt loads of  $31,048, on average. Although it’s clear that average student debt in New Hampshire is high, there […]

Q&A: Explaining Dartmouth’s (Relatively) Low Student Debt Load

New Hampshire alumni lead the pack when it comes to average student debt, according to a report from the Project on Student Debt. Nationally, the average Class of 2010 student graduated with $25,250 in loans, while New Hampshire alumni carried student debt loads of  $31,048, on average. So why does student debt matter for the […]

After UNH, Plymouth State’s Class of ’10 Had Highest Average Student Debt

This week, we’ve been taking an up-close look at a report released by the Project on Student Debt called, “Student Debt and the Class of 2010.”  We’re working on getting behind the numbers cited in earlier posts (here and here), which found the average student debt carried by an alum of UNH‘s Durham campus is […]

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