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Education Tax Credit Supporters Turn Out Against Repeal

The House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony Thursday on a bill that would repeal the School Choice Scholarship Act, which passed last year. The act allows businesses to receive a tax credit when they donate scholarship money to private schools. Many of the same arguments that were heard last session came up again this […]

New Hampshire Ranked As “Most Expensive State To Raise Children”

In an article for The Fiscal Times, reporter Steve Yoder calculated the cost of raising children by state, using the following: Average yearly cost of full-time child care Average yearly housing cost Average in-state tuition and fees at public university Average yearly food costs by region

What Governor-Elect Hassan’s New Budget Could Look Like

For political junkies, policy wonks and other assorted budget watchers, February 15th is a big day.  That’s the deadline for new Governor Maggie Hassan to submit her proposed FY 2014-2015 budget to the legislature.  The House and Senate will then have until the end of this fiscal year, June 30th, to hash out an agreement. […]

UNH President Pushes For Restored Funding

The following was contributed by Sam Evans-Brown. This week, University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston delivered his State of the University address. He used the speech to reiterate his call to restore the cuts to the State University funding.

USNH Seeks Deal With Lawmakers To Restore Funding

The University System of New Hampshire’s board of trustees is requesting that the legislature restore its state funding. At a board meeting Tuesday the board approved a budget request re-appropriating the nearly $50 million that was cut by the legislature last year. In exchange for the funds, the USNH is offering to freeze in-state tuition […]

Getting By, Getting Ahead: Good News For Merrimack Valley Teacher

This summer, we’ve been looking at how individual Granite Staters are faring in the recovering economy with our series, “Getting By, Getting Ahead.”  Last week, we delved into some of the issues facing the Manchester school district, and shared the story of an area teacher who was part of the district’s mass lay-offs in the […]

Getting By, Getting Ahead: Merrimack Valley Teacher Wrestles With Life After Layoff

As part of our weekly “Getting By, Getting Ahead” series, StateImpact is traveling across New Hampshire, gathering personal stories from the people behind the economy.  In our fifth installment, we talk with a recently laid-off teacher in the Merrimack Valley. _____ Jillian Corey seems to belong at Memorial High School in Manchester. A teacher here […]

Merrimack Valley Snapshot: Layoffs At Manchester School District Fit National Trend

Tomorrow morning on NHPR, we’ll hear from Jillian Corey, a high school English teacher recently laid off from the Manchester school district.  Jillian’s story is Part Five of our series “Getting By, Getting Ahead,” examining how people across New Hampshire’s seven regions are navigating a recovering economy. ___ As unemployment across the country has slowly […]

Family Property Values Predict Quality Of Colleges Attended

How much does the value of your parents’ home predict where you go to college? More than one might think, economist Michael Lovenheim argues in a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economics. Until recently, mainstream assumptions gave a lot of credence to the notion that students need a lifetime of resources to […]

Education = Economy, An Update

An Education Update! Today, the House passed a bill preventing a doubling of interest rates on new student loans, which was scheduled to go into effect Sunday. In New Hampshire, Gov. Lynch’s veto on a education tax credit for businesses was overidden — a “keystone” of the Republican agenda, as Sam Evans-Brown reported for NHPR […]

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