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Tesla’s Interest In Dallas County Inland Port Brings Attention To Quiet Area

From KERA News:  Shelley Kofler KERA News Goods from around the world arrive at Union Pacifics Intermodal Terminal in the Inland Port. Could South Dallas County become home to one of the world’s largest factories? Developers and local officials recently learned electric-car manufacturer Tesla is checking out an area known as the Inland Port as […]

Why Rick Perry’s Remarks on Gays Could Sour Tesla on Texas

From KUT News:  Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made a career out of visiting, recruiting, and relocating businesses from California to Texas. But as the state’s GOP continues to push further and further to the right of the political spectrum, could the state’s ultra-conservative stance hurt recruitment from a progressive state? First came the Texas Republican Party […]

Plug-In Rebates Finally Come to Texas, But Not For Tesla

Starting this week, if you buy or lease a plug-in vehicle in Texas, you’ll finally be able to apply for a rebate from the state of Texas. Thanks to a bill passed by the state legislature last session, most plug-in cars (like the Chevy Volt, BMW i3 or Nissan Leaf), as well as those that […]

Why Tesla Lost the Fight to Sell Cars in Texas

It’s the shiniest electric car on the block — if your block is accustomed to cars that can cost six figures. The Tesla S, selected as Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, seems to be showing up on more and more Texas roads. The company had its first profitable quarter this year and paid off its federal loans. But […]

As Session Nears End, Tesla Faces Uphill Battle to Win Texas Dealerships

It’s been a good month or two for the luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla: the company just posted its first profitable quarter; it’s stock is soaring and Consumer Reports just rated the Tesla S the best car it’s ever tested. But one item on the company’s wishlist increasingly looks like it won’t be coming true: […]

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