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Everything You Need to Know About Native Landscaping


Native landscaping or xeriscaping is an alternative landscaping practice that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental irrigation outside of natural rainfall. Native plants already adapted to Texas’ semiarid climate are a key feature of this gardening alternative.

Native landscaping companies have become more prominent alongside the 2011 drought experience offering customers a unique cocktail of hardy prairie grasses, succulents, and flowering annuals. See StateImpact’s full report on this trend, Going ‘Native’ In Texas With Less Water.

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Going ‘Native’ in Texas With Less Water

Landscape worker Janna George sweats in the midday sun as she thrusts her shovel into the ground. She’s trying to get up all the grass in the backyard of a South Austin home.  As anyone who’s dug into the Central Texas ground and come out with a rock-dented shovel knows, there’s little dirt to dig […]

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