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Judge halts all drilling on Mariner East 2 construction

A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday ordered a two-week halt to all drilling for the construction of the controversial Mariner East 2 pipeline after dozens of water contamination incidents and several environmental violations by the builder, Sunoco Pipeline. Judge Bernard Labuskes of the Environmental Hearing Board suspended drilling until August 7 when a state court will [...]

Judge halts Mariner East 2 construction in West Goshen Township

A judge ordered Sunoco Pipeline to stop work on installing a valve along the Mariner East 2 pipeline route in Chester County’s West Goshen Township, the first time a court has blocked any part of the controversial cross-state project. Administrative law judge Elizabeth Barnes of the Public Utility Commission late Monday granted an interim emergency [...]

DEP issues few violations, one fine for Sunoco’s pipeline construction spills

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has issued four Notices of Violation, one consent order and one fine to Sunoco Pipeline for dozens of drilling mud spills that occurred along the length of the Mariner East 2 pipeline construction project. The DEP released a statement on Friday describing its efforts to manage Sunoco’s construction of the [...]

Delco township hires Sunoco consultant to do risk analysis of Mariner East 2

Delaware County’s Middletown Township is hiring a Sunoco contractor to do a risk assessment of the company’s plan to build the Mariner East 2 pipeline through the community, prompting critics to accuse the township of using a contractor with a conflict of interest. Mark Kirchgasser, chairman of the township’s Board of Supervisors, confirmed that it [...]

DEP staffers warned superiors of dangers to private water wells from pipeline construction

A Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection official waved a red flag to higher ups in January over potential issues with Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline construction on private water wells. “Though we don’t regulate it, this private well issue has the potential to really blow up…,” wrote Domenic Rocco, waterways and wetlands program manager for [...]

Mariner East 2 construction has resulted in dozens of spills, documents show

Construction of Sunoco Pipeline’s $3 billion 350-mile long Mariner East 2 pipeline resulted in at least 61 drilling mud spills from April 25 through June 17, 2017, according to newly released documents. The spills have occurred in ten of the 12 counties along the route and range from minor releases of five gallons to larger [...]

Sea level rise to cause chronic flooding in Delaware Bay and Jersey Coast, scientists say

About 170 coastal communities across the nation will experience chronic flooding 20 years from now, disrupting people’s life and daily routines, and forcing residents of those communities to make difficult and expensive decisions, according to a study out this week by the Union of Concerned Scientists. In a moderate sea level rise scenario, cities and [...]

Sunoco to replace private well water with public supply in Chester County

Jon Hurdle / StateImpact PA Benjamin Eckert, a resident of Chester County’s West Whiteland Township, with some 30 cases of bottled water that Sunoco had delivered to his house after water from his well turned cloudy. Sunoco is drilling nearby for the planned Mariner East 2 pipeline, and hit the aquifer from which Eckert and [...]

Chesco residents deal with tainted water after Sunoco drills into aquifer

Jon Hurdle / StateImpact PA David Mano, a resident of Chester County’s West Whiteland Township, holds a sample of water taken from his well after the local aquifer was punctured by drilling for the planned Mariner East 2 pipeline. The first Dan Rich knew of it was when he came home from work last Wednesday, [...]

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