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From Revenue Failure to Right-To-Farm: StateImpact Oklahoma Covers 2016

The ground beneath Oklahoma is shaking, figuratively and literally in 2016, and StateImpact is on it.

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Why Obama’s Clean Power Plan Could Mean Opportunity for Some Industries in Oklahoma

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan enraged many top officials in Oklahoma, who argued the rules were an expensive, unnecessary overreach by the federal government. But the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could create opportunities in Oklahoma, researchers and officials say.


New York Times: A ‘Blue Light Special’ on Wind Power in Oklahoma

Alternative energy is proving competitive to conventional energy sources — especially in Oklahoma.


Solar and Wind Surcharge Bill Passes Legislature, Awaits Governor’s Signature

A legislative measure that would allow electricity utilities to charge higher rates to customers who generate electricity with small solar installations or wind turbines has passed an Oklahoma House committee and now awaits Gov. Mary Fallin’s signature.

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