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Oklahoma judge shaves $107 million off opioid decision against Johnson & Johnson

District Judge Thad Balkman clarified an earlier ruling against Johnson & Johnson, saying the drugmaker must pay $465 million dollars – not the $572 million he had originally ordered.


Pain meds as public nuisance? Oklahoma tests a legal strategy against opioid maker Johnson & Johnson

The first lawsuit in the country seeking to hold a pharmaceutical company responsible for the opioid crisis is currently awaiting a verdict in Oklahoma state court.


Johnson & Johnson profited from both sides of opioid crisis, says epidemic expert

The first case in a flood of civil litigation against opioid drug manufacturers is in its third week. Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter’s suit alleges Johnson & Johnson, the nation’s largest drugmaker, helped ignite a public health crisis that has killed thousands of state residents.


Norman Wants Water Independence, but Still Needs Oklahoma City For Now

The idea is for Norman to be water independent. For now, however, Norman still needs the water Oklahoma City is selling.


Why Midwest City and Del City Oppose Norman’s Plan to Reuse Wastewater

Norman isn’t the only city that relies on Lake Thunderbird for its water, and Midwest City and Del City would also need to be behind the plan before it goes before the Department of Environmental Quality for approval.


Why Midwest City Might Fight Norman’s Plan to Recycle Treated Wastewater

There’s a growing trend toward wastewater reuse to combat drought and conserve water sources for the future.

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