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Rep. Leslie Osborn On GRDA: Should We Be In The Electric Utility Business?

State Representative Leslie Osborn is the new chair of the powerful House Appropriations and Budget Committee, an influential position that gives her bills extra weight. StateImpact talked to Osborn about legislation she’s pushing to increase mining fees, and to explore the sale of the Grand River Dam Authority.


Challenges and Progress Cleaning Up One of Oklahoma’s Most Polluted Places

The Tri-State Mining District in northeastern Oklahoma’s Ottawa County was once the world’s largest source of lead and zinc. The mines had closed by the 1970s, but pernicious pollution still plagues what is now known as the Tar Creek superfund site.


Judge Gives Go Ahead For Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Pumping Limits

The court was hearing an appeal of the limit from groups including the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Oklahoma Aggregates Association, and mining company TXI.


Update: What StateImpact Is Watching In Oklahoma’s 2015 Legislative Session

There’s only about a month left in Oklahoma’s 2015 legislative session, and if bills haven’t made it out of the chamber they started in by now, they’re dead.


Eastern Oklahoma Coal Mining Comeback Stalls as Demand From China Falls

In May of last year, it looked like impoverished areas of eastern Oklahoma would be getting a lifeline.


Three Reasons to Care That Oklahoma is No. 1 in Gypsum: Twinkies, Beer, Roads

As the energy industry has boomed in Oklahoma, so has gypsum mining.


Effort to Allow New Tax On Mining Companies Gains Ground In OK House

On Monday, the House Appropriations and Budget Committee passed HB1876.


Resistance to Coal Mine Regulations Could Cost Oklahoma Some of Its Sovereignty

From health insurance exchanges to power plant emissions, the Obama Administration just can’t seem to get Oklahoma to play ball.


Damaged Land Could Once Again Cost Oklahoma Mining Regulator Its Federal Funding

A report released in August by the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of the Interior cites Oklahoma as “the primary surface mining state with ongoing, unresolved AOC problems.”

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