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Two groups sue state over last-minute marijuana regulations

The lawsuits claim the board overstepped it's authority

Fallin signs Oklahoma’s first medical marijuana rules including controversial amendments pushed by health leaders

Gov. Mary Fallin expects the regulations to be modified.

Board of health votes to require a pharmacist in medical marijuana dispensaries and limits smokable products

Gov. Mary Fallin has 45 days to either sign or disapprove the rules.

Updated: June 27, 2018 | 12:10 am

Oklahoma voters approve state question to legalize medical marijuana

Preliminary results show 58% voted 'yes' on SQ 788.
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Statewide vote approaches with advocates and police at odds over medical marijuana’s perceived benefits and threats 

Law enforcement agencies around the state say medical marijuana poses real safety concerns. If State Question 788 passes, they want strong rules to govern medical marijuana use.