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The shadow of the opioid crisis looms over doctors considering medical marijuana

Aggressive regulations on physician prescribing, followed by high-profile cases of doctors facing criminal charges for patient deaths related to opioids has made Oklahoma doctors fear a backlash if they recommend the drug.


Health commissioner pushes for special session and stricter marijuana regulation through legislation

Medical marijuana license applications will be accepted Aug. 25

Oil and gas companies spent half a million dollars trying to defeat medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Energy companies were the largest business sector contributing to a PAC organized to defeat SQ 788.


Board of Health reverses course, approves looser medical marijuana rules

The new regulations now head to Gov. Mary Fallin to sign or reject.

Controversial amendments stripped out of newly proposed medical marijuana draft rules

The state Board of Health meets Aug. 1 to vote on and possibly amend the new rules

Oklahoma could become the only state to require pregnancy tests for medical marijuana

Doctors in Oklahoma are barred from recommending medical marijuana to women of 'childbearing years' without first conducting a pregnancy test.

Two groups sue state over last-minute marijuana regulations

The lawsuits claim the board overstepped it's authority

Fallin signs Oklahoma’s first medical marijuana rules including controversial amendments pushed by health leaders

Gov. Mary Fallin expects the regulations to be modified.
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