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Oklahoma public school districts band together to fight charter school funding equalization

Lawmakers also look for ways to halt March State Board of Education action

Oklahoma charter school leader explains lawsuit that has ‘seismic effect’ on education funding

The controversial lawsuit's settlement terms will transform education funding

Sovereign Community School Is Part of a Larger Movement

Sovereign Community School is new charter school in Oklahoma City with a focus on Native American culture and identity. It’s also part of a movement of tribes and tribal citizens using publicly funded, privately run schools to take control over the education of Native children. 


Years after charter school divided rural community, some see broken promises while others note academic progress

Two years ago the Oklahoma State Board of Education exercised its authority to approve a rural charter school for the first time. This decision was a contentious one. By approving the charter’s application, the state board had overturned a local board’s decision to deny it, leaving some wondering who’s really in control.