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A collaborative in Tulsa models how Oklahoma communities can fight the methamphetamine epidemic.

Methamphetamine is killing more Oklahomans than any illicit drug. Nonprofits, treatment centers, policy analysts and law enforcement in Tulsa created a program to broaden access to recovery from it.

State data paints a dire picture of Oklahoma teenagers’ mental health

Rates of depression and suicidality have always been higher than researchers expected. But they were even higher in the early years of the pandemic.

The Adderall shortage has made its way to Oklahoma.

The FDA announced a shortage of Adderall and its generics last month. Oklahomans have been jumping through hoops to get their medication.

When Oklahoma voters choose a governor in November, they’ll be voting on the future of SoonerCare.

Gov. Kevin Stitt wants to fundamentally alter the state's Medicaid program. The gubernatorial election will determine whether he gets to.

As pandemic response wanes, Oklahoma schools adapt to the end of universal free lunch

Some schools worked to continue offering free meals, but others have to go back to sending out free and reduced lunch applications and managing lunch debt.
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