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Governor-elect Stitt picks Pruitt ally for top state energy and environment post

Wagner has close personal and business ties to Scott Pruitt, who ran the EPA until he was forced out in July.


Conservation groups criticize joint Oklahoma-Arkansas plan for sensitive watershed

Environmental groups want Oklahoma to complete a pollution plan overseen by the EPA, which the backed away from in recent years.


Oklahoma Supreme Court sides with industry in fight over oil-field water regulation

In a 6-3 ruling, the state’s highest court agreed the state has “exclusive authority” over produced water.


Landowners wonder if prairie chicken conservation can keep up in competitive grasslands

The federal government is once again considering whether to use the Endangered Species Act to protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken, a finicky bird struggling to thrive in increasingly fragile western grasslands.


Environmental groups sue EPA to void approval of Oklahoma’s coal waste program

Oklahoma was the first state to receive EPA approval to regulate coal ash, a toxic byproduct of power plants

The arid American West marches east, changing climate and agriculture

The 100th Meridian passes through Oklahoma and splits the continent in two. An explorer and geologist in the late-1800s suggested this map line marked the start of the arid American West. Scientists now say he was right — and that climate change is moving it, which could have profound effects on farmers and ranchers.


Scott Pruitt Out At EPA

After months of ethics scandals and investigations, the embattled Environmental Protection Agency head has resigned, the president said Thursday.


Oklahoma becomes first state to get EPA approval to manage coal ash

Environmental groups plan to challenge the decision in court.


Researchers may have found deep, previously unmapped faults that could be a source of Oklahoma’s earthquake uptick

Scientists have linked thousands of earthquakes to oil-field disposal wells, but new research helps explain why much of the shaking doesn’t line up with maps of known faults.


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