Will An Agency Near You Be Seeing An LGC Payout?

Amanda Loder / StateImpact New Hampshire

The Local Government Center is set to pay $22.5 million out to communities

Last summer, the Local Government Center was ordered to return more than $52 million to communities that participated in its various insurance programs.  A hearing officer ruled that, among other things, the LGC had over-charged for health insurance premiums in order to bulk up its assets and prop up its struggling worker’s compensation program.

The LGC is appealing that order to the state Supreme Court.  In the meantime, however, the LGC board authorized the return of $22.5 million to communities from its various insurance programs.  The LGC argues this figure is closer to the correct amount than the $52 million listed in the order.  (We break down the full story in this previous post.)

So how much has the LGC promised to return to your community?*  StateImpact crunched data from the Local Government Center’s website and created the searchable, filterable table below.

  • Type your town, city, county, or municipal organization into the “Filter” box to see what, if anything, your community is set to get.
  • Click on the arrows of each column to see the payment amounts in ascending or descending order. Since not every community participates in all insurance programs, you might see some blank spaces–or even pages–before the numbers begin.
  • Click the “Previous” and “Next” links in the lower right corner to page through the table.
  • Communities and agencies are listed alphabetically, except in the case of School Administrative Units, which are listed by number (eg: “SAU #01”), then community.
  • Table headings: The LGC divides its HealthTrust (medical) insurance members into two groups.  Among other things, this system determines when a community gets money back from the LGC. “Med Dec. 2012” refers to January  group members. Payments were scheduled to go out last month. “Med Jan. 2013” also refers to January group members.  Payments for this group, as well as all other groups listed on the table, are scheduled for August, 2013.

[spreadsheet key=”0Atb_8tUjelW6dEltUi1tamxGOEIxcUtMal9QclVDclE” source=”Local Government Center” sheet=0 filter=1 paginate=1 sortable=1]


*While it originally planned to offer the equivalent of store credit on buying more insurance, the LGC faced vocal opposition from some communities, and ultimately changed its stance.  Now, members can get either cash or credit, as they prefer.


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