With $4.2 Million Wrapped Up In Northern Pass, City Of Franklin To Hire Lobbyist This Session

The city of Franklin will hire a lobbyist this legislative session to follow the Northern Pass project.

The town stands to gain about $4.2 million dollars annually in property taxes, if the Northern Pass project goes through.  The taxes would be paid by PSNH on a converter station, which will be built in Franklin.

Elizabeth Dragon, the city manager of Franklin, says the city is looking for someone to follow relevant legislation and alert Franklin officials when necessary, “so that if there is a bill that requires us to travel to Concord to testify, we can do that.”

Dragon says the revenue from property taxes paid on the converter station would allow them to better fund their schools and maintain their roads. She says infrastructure funds have been so low, the town has had to convert paved roads back to dirt to save money.


  • C. dog e. doG

    Here’s a novel concept, Dragon: if some roads are cheaper to maintain as dirt rather than the more glitzy bituminous asphalt, you might want to lower your conspicuous consumption “needs” and opt for the more thrifty package. By the way, why should those north and south of you have their land marred so that your ride to and fro the beauty parlor is a little less bumpy?
    – C. dog

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