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Carroll’s Departure Stuns LGC Critics And Supporters

A number of people involved in the LGC case expressed shock at Carroll's dismissal.

Over the past several months, StateImpact has been keeping up with the various twists and turns in the Local Government Center case.  The latest development–the ouster of Executive Director Maura Carroll by the LGC board–has shocked the organization’s supporters and critics alike. This week, I called some of the players in this ongoing saga to [...]

Coalition Of Communities Pushes For Voice In LGC Appeal

A group of towns wants to participate in the LGC's appeal to the state supreme court.

A cadre of communities is pushing the New Hampshire Supreme Court to allow them to participate in the Local Government Center‘s appeal.  Fourteen towns, led by Durham, Peterborough, Salem and Northfield have filed a motion to intervene in the case. The LGC insures municipalities, school districts, and agencies, handling hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.  [...]

What the LGC’s Reorganization Means To Communities (And Taxpayers)

The Local Government Center case is incredibly convoluted.  But it involves the majority of communities--and taxpayers--in the state

The on-going fight between the state of New Hampshire and one of the nation’s largest insurance risk pool managers is an important one, with millions of dollars of taxpayer money at stake. It’s also incredibly complicated. As the Local Government Center implements changes ordered by a hearing officer–even as it appeals the ruling to the [...]

Getting By, Getting Ahead: Merrimack Valley Teacher Wrestles With Life After Layoff

"We were notified during the day.  It was on a Friday," says English teacher Jillian Corey about her layoff notice last May.  "Many of us still had to teach class.  And the kids were very aware that there was something going on.  I was honest with them.  I didn't get into the politics of the situation or the money.  I wanted them to understand that it was not a personal situation, because they become very protective of the teachers.  It was not for them to be concerned about."

As part of our weekly “Getting By, Getting Ahead” series, StateImpact is traveling across New Hampshire, gathering personal stories from the people behind the economy.  In our fifth installment, we talk with a recently laid-off teacher in the Merrimack Valley. _____ Jillian Corey seems to belong at Memorial High School in Manchester. A teacher here [...]

Why A 60-Year Old Contract Has Massachusetts And NH At Loggerheads

Flood control, town tax reimbursements, and tight state budgets have NH and Mass wrestling over back payments

Since the economy tanked and the legislature started slashing the budget, there’s been talk at the town level about so-called “down-shifting.”  That’s when the state stops supporting local programs or making certain payments to towns, forcing localities to pick up the slack.  Now, the legislature’s considering what to do when not only New Hampshire, but [...]

How State Budget Cuts Affect Your Property Taxes

Researchers crunched tax data and found state budget cuts have resulted in higher local taxes over time

A new report finds that Granite State communities are leaning more and more heavily on property taxes.  Examining data from 2007-2010, the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies found: “Total municipal appropriations per person have leveled off considerably over the past three years compared with pre-recession trends.  At the same time, we see that [...]

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