State Liquor Commission Accused Of Contract Breach; Coercion And Intimidation

State Employees Association members demonstrate in front of the former Liquor Store 1 on Storrs St in Concord.

The State Employees Association has filed two unfair labor practices charges against the Liquor Commission.

The first one charges that the commission has begun denying part-time employees the increased pay that they had been receiving for work on Sundays and Holidays — something the SEA alleges is a breach of union contract.

The second of the two filings charges that four of the Liquor Commission’s five union stewards are facing intimidation and coercion in response to union activities.

Diana Lacey, president of the SEA, says that the victims of intimidation will not speak publically for fear of further retribution. “We’ve had people that have had great performance evaluations for many, many years suddenly be called in saying you’re getting a letter of warning, your performance has been bad,” Lacey says. She also reported retrubition in the form of arbitrary location transfers.

After the press conference, seven union members demonstrated with hand-held signs in front of the original Liquor Store 1 in Concord.

The Liquor Commission’s Director of Human Resources, Kelly Matthews, said by phone that the commission is not prepared to comment.


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