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State Liquor Commission Accused Of Contract Breach; Coercion And Intimidation

The State Employees Association has filed two unfair labor practices charges against the Liquor Commission. The first one charges that the commission has begun denying part-time employees the increased pay that they had been receiving for work on Sundays and Holidays — something the SEA alleges is a breach of union contract. The second of […]

Reselling Illegal NH Booze Hurts Maine’s Bottom Line

One of the signatures of New Hampshire’s Liquor Commission is its determination to compete with other states by offering low-price and sales-tax-free booze in convenient border locations.  And revenue reports bear out this approach. Most often, we hear about heavy cross-border traffic from Massachusetts–after all, there’s a good reason why so many of the top-selling […]

Liquor Sales Spiked In Days Before Irene

The Liquor Commission’s been in the news a lot lately, between record-breaking year-over-year sales and plans to add a new store at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.  But StateImpact was curious about something else. Was there a spike in booze sales in the run-up to Irene?

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