Judd Gregg Joins Simpson And Bowles In Grassroots ‘Fix The Debt’ Campaign

Fix The Debt infographic

A bipartisan group of politicians and businessmen are reaching out to ordinary Americans, asking them to bring homemade signs and banners to the polls in November (they suggest paint; stencil, or tape). Their goal? Get concerned grassroots organizers to pressure elected officials into finding a bipartisan solution to the impending fiscal cliff.

Former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg is a co-chair of the national organization, called Fix The Debt.

The organization was founded by the Clinton Administration’s SBA director Erskine Bowles, and former Senator Alan Simpson — authors of the failed bipartisan debt-reduction plan that came out of President Obama’s 18-member National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, which was formed in 2010.  According to spokesman Jon Romano, Simpson and Bowles founded Fix The Debt as a response to the “unwillingness [of politicians] from both sides to come together.” “CEOs,” Romano says, “are saying this is hurting our business, our economy, and we need Congress to act.”

In a 42 page pamphlet, Fix The Debt calls on citizens to educate each other and pressure their elected officials by organizing community events, showing up with posters at the polls, and hosting call-ins to congresspeople after the November election.

New Hampshire state Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D) and Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau (R), New  Hampshire’s statewide co-chairs, and are hosting a media conference in Concord tomorrow to publicize the organization’s outreach plans.


  • transparency

    Cheney/Goldman Sachs Gregg, the architects of the largest case of elder financial abuse…the Deficit Reduction Act 2005 passed in reconciliation. They (R’s) reduce their deficit off the backs of hapless elderly Vets with dementia entering nonprofit nursing homes (a captive audience who can no longer vote) with a “tax” of $300+ a day each until they are penniless.

    This formula gave my State of Massachusetts an extra $250+K from an elderly couple here where apparently Massachusetts Medicaid also gets to “count in” their VA Pension (which apparently is a deal in Massachusetts that is not a deal in every state)and trump a family members POA, VA Fiduciary and Contract with the elderly couple.

    In this group of circling birds are the law firms who have attained POA and VA Fiduciary with elderly couples who apparently are not trumped by (and able to question, or ignore, mistakes and get paid to do so) the State’s Medicaid Office. A family member with these documents who question anything are labeled “over-the-top” or “just duplications” by the nonprofit’s attorney and a Judge in Massachusetts (part of the Massachusetts tag team).

    Also under their Blue Shield policy (which they are required to still pay for along with their Medicare premium) they still have prescription coverage but were forced to Medicare D by the State when Medicaid kicked in. Think about that!

    Unreimbursed medical expenses since 2003, $770K. Legal fees, $70K. Why wasn’t $550K enough? Ask Cheney/Goldman Sachs Gregg….and demand that Romney release his tax returns to demonstrate the “free stuff” he gets away with in tax breaks which the elderly with dementia disproportionately make up for in Massachusetts.

    Wake up Massachusetts middle class elders entering nonprofit nursing homes! Massachusetts is ass and underwear with Mitt as he laughs all the way to the bank to deposit his Federal refund with your money…..

  • When I wrote to Senator Gregg and asked him to stop the vaccine industry from poisoning babies with mercury, he wrote back and told me he had to protect the vaccine industry. I don’t trust this jerk who opted to protect negligent doctors instead of protecting babies

  • Wow, gotta love democracy. These two comments here just sum it up. One obviously driven by a personal financial agenda, the other by unhinged scientific ignorance. And both of them vote. No wonder we’re screwed.

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