Infographic: Small Business Owners In N.H. On The Issues

Thumbtack is a kind of 21st century classifieds — like a beefed-up Craigslist.  But they also occasionally publish infographics and interactive survey data. Their newest lets you compare the answers small business owners gave to questions about 2012 election issues, based on the following demographic filters:

      • Where they’re from (compare N.H. to national statistics)
      • Gender
      • Political persuasion

We can’t account for the research methodology here, but taking Thumbtack at face value, you can come to some interesting conclusions:

  • While 100 percent of Democratic business owners in N.H. believe President Obama “is more supportive of small business,” only 71 percent of Republican entrepreneurs in the state believe Governor Romney is the more supportive candidate.
  • Male business owners in N.H. think the federal deficit is the most important economic issue for the president, while female business owners think it’s unemployment/the job market.
  • While the Democrats surveyed say tax-rates and regulations are the most important issue for the success of their business, Republicans surveyed say it’s federal and state incentives.

You can check out all the questions and compare answers by state, education level, profession, and more at


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