A Pop-up In Portsmouth: One Innovative New England Business Goes All Out


A trend has taken off in cities from Los Angeles, to New York City, to London, in which restaurants and retailers set up shop in an empty storefront for as short as a weekend to as long as six months.

Organizations like Popuphood, in Oakland, Calif., works with retailers, landlords and city government to give a shot in the arm to local economies, get businesses into empty storefronts, and shoppers in contact with regional up-and-coming retailers.

This coming weekend the mens’ clothing retailer Osmium will be setting up shop in an empty storefront in downtown Portsmouth. In creative marketing campaign probably inspired by the TV show America’s Next Top Model, the business will be hosting a photo-shoot competition in which shoppers model and compete for Osmium merchandise.

Learn more at SeacoastOnline and on Popup Republic.


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