Report: NH Barely Passes On Government Spending Transparency

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New Hampshire's no longer failing in transparency ratings...but not by much

New Hampshire has a long history of frugality.  And with the current crop of spending hawks in the legislature, that sense of thrift has only intensified.

But you’ll have a hard time if you want to keep tabs on state spending online.

That’s according to “Following The Money 2012,” a report published by the clunky-titled US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund.  US PIRG analyzed and rated the ability of citizens to check up on government spending in each state.  And as Joseph Cote of the Nashua Telegraph writes, with its D- grade, the Granite State is a hair’s breadth from failing:

“New Hampshire’s grade is an improvement from last year when it was one of six states to get a failing grade.

Since the last report, New Hampshire has added a checkbook feature on TransparencyNH, which lets users see payment information to vendors from 53 state departments and agencies dating back to July 2008…

However, it’s difficult to find specific payments because the State Expenditure Register isn’t searchable, according to NHPIRG.”

But on this particular issue, New Hampshire isn’t much different from most of New England.  In fact, the region is over-represented in the D- bracket, making up half of these grades nationwide.  US PIRG assigned Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont D-‘s as well.

The only New England standouts were Massachusetts, with an A-, and Connecticut, with a solid B.


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