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Outside Spending on New Hampshire Governor’s Race Continues To Rise

This following was contributed by Brian Wallstin. In what will likely be the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in New Hampshire history, independent political groups supporting candidates Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne have reserved nearly $7.5 million worth of television ads in the final month of the election.

Lynch Promotes Lean Government at Summit

It’s not every day you hear state officials quoting Kipling and Goethe. But in a keynote speech this morning, Sam McKeeman, the Programs Manager at the Maine Bureau of Human Resources, recited the first stanza of Kipling’s “Six Honest Serving Men” to 350 or so people, gathered at the Police Standards & Training Council building […]

Report: NH Barely Passes On Government Spending Transparency

New Hampshire has a long history of frugality.  And with the current crop of spending hawks in the legislature, that sense of thrift has only intensified. But you’ll have a hard time if you want to keep tabs on state spending online. That’s according to “Following The Money 2012,” a report published by the clunky-titled […]

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