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We now present your weekly roundup of the five posts that captured your attention and your clicks

It’s been a busy week here at StateImpact New Hampshire.  Whether it’s looking at utility deregulation, the Dodd-Frank Act, specialty cancer centers or manufacturing in the Granite State, our economic coverage has been rather broad.  Here’s our official roundup of the posts you found most click-worthy.

  1. Some Key Arguments For–And Against–Making PSNH Sell Its Generating Facilities: Prior to a recent committee hearing on whether PSNH should be forced to give up its generating capacity, we outlined the major arguments presented by the utility and one of its chief opponents on this issue, the Conservation Law Foundation.  We also threw in some documents the CLF cited in its argument that PSNH should be forced to sell its generating facilities.
  2. How Dodd-Frank Regulations Affect You (Trust Us, They Will): In response to the economic collapse, Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd crafted a massive (and massively complicated) piece of legislation designed to regulate the financial system to prevent another meltdown.  The legislation’s been hugely controversial…and only about half the regulations have even been written so far.  Be that as it may, the good people at Bloomberg Business Week broke down how Dodd-Frank affects everyone from credit card holders to commodities traders into an easy-to-read flow chart.  And it was too cool for us not to share.
  3. Does New Hampshire Need Specialty Cancer Centers?: The for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America wants to come to New Hampshire.  But to do that, the legislature will have to do a fancy bit of footwork around regulations governing when, why, and how new medical facilities come into the state.  NHPR digs into the question of whether the state actually needs this kind of cancer treatment center–and the money it could potentially rake in.
  4. Q&A: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Manufacturing in New Hampshire: The Obama Administration’s adopted manufacturing as a key component of its jobs program.  We get the bird’s-eye view of the Granite State’s manufacturing sector from High Technology Council Chairman Fred Kocher.
  5. Breaking Down NH’s Manufacturing Economy By County: We’ve been examining the manufacturing sector in New Hampshire since President Obama singled out this segment of the economy in his State of the Union address.  One of the first places we started was information from the US Census Bureau, which kindly took the pulse of various industries in every county in the country.  We give you the New Hampshire county-by-county low-down on manufacturing, both in terms of raw factory numbers and percentage of total businesses.


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