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Dartmouth College President Will Head World Bank

Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim

It’s official: Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim will head the World Bank starting in July.  But the New York Times’ Annie Lowrey reports that this time around, the board’s vote was more than just a rubber-stamping process: “While the selection of Dr. Kim by the bank’s 25-member executive board was no surprise, the board [...]

Best Of StateImpact: How A European Recession Could Hurt Key Export States–Including NH

How much could a Eurozone recession hurt New Hampshire?  We look into it after the jump

A good-sized chunk of New Hampshire’s economy depends on its manufacturing sector–especially the fabrication of high-tech products and components.  And a lot of that stuff gets exported.  Now, with increasing chatter about a possible European recession, we thought it would be a good time to re-post our explanation of how, exactly, Eurozone troubles could affect [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

We now present your weekly roundup of the five posts that captured your attention and your clicks

It’s been a busy week here at StateImpact New Hampshire.  Whether it’s looking at utility deregulation, the Dodd-Frank Act, specialty cancer centers or manufacturing in the Granite State, our economic coverage has been rather broad.  Here’s our official roundup of the posts you found most click-worthy. Some Key Arguments For–And Against–Making PSNH Sell Its Generating [...]

Home Foreclosures Spiked In December

NH foreclosures spiked in December

A new report released by the New Hampshire Housing and Finance Authority shows home foreclosures spiked in December 2011–up 35 percent from that November. Jane Law of the Housing Authority says foreclosures have been declining since their peak in 2010, and December’s jump might be an anomaly, “The biggest factor is just mortgage companies are [...]

How Dodd-Frank Regulations Affect You (Trust Us, They Will)

Parts of Dodd-Frank are set to go into effect this year.

One of the key consequences of the economic collapse a few years ago was the passage of a massive piece of legislation called the “Dodd-Frank Act.”  The bill was co-sponsored by (now-retired) Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut and (soon-to-be-retired) Democratic Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank.  In a nutshell, their idea was to prevent another massive [...]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

These are our five posts you've dug the most this week

It was a varied news week for the business and economy beat–as our traffic patterns proved.  Our most popular pieces covered issues ranging from the State of the Union address to green jobs to Northern Pass and credit card debt.  So if you missed any of the five key posts our readers are talking about, [...]

Study: NH Ranks #2 In US For Credit Card Debt

NH carries some of the heaviest credit card debt in the country.  Find out why after the jump.

Given the Granite State’s reputation as a stalwart of Yankee frugality, a recent bit of reporting from investor blog Wall Street 24/7 caught us a bit by surprise.  The blog quoted a report by credit education site  The site mined data from more than 300,000 users to get a bead on the country’s personal [...]

Citizens Bank Workers Likely Untouched By Parent Company RBS Layoffs

79 - 83 Colmore Row - RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland

The Boston Globe reports the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plans to cut 4,800 jobs in response to “volatile markets and new regulations in the United Kingdom.”  RBS is the parent company of Citizens Bank.  While the report doesn’t mention New Hampshire specifically, it appears the layoffs will largely be concentrated in Europe: “RBS spokesman [...]

Q&A: Explaining Dartmouth’s (Relatively) Low Student Debt Load

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Maria Laskaris helps StateImpact to understand why Dartmouth's student debt numbers are so low

New Hampshire alumni lead the pack when it comes to average student debt, according to a report from the Project on Student Debt. Nationally, the average Class of 2010 student graduated with $25,250 in loans, while New Hampshire alumni carried student debt loads of  $31,048, on average. So why does student debt matter for the [...]

Student Debt Reaches Record Levels–And NH Leads The Pack

Student debt has been a popular topic lately.  The big figure currently bandied about is that American students and alumni are carrying a trillion dollars of debt. But that figure, $1,000,000,000,000, it feels so…abstract.  I’ve never even seen a million dollars, let alone a billion or a trillion.  What can a trillion dollars buy? It [...]

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