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We've got this week's roundup of the five posts you thought were the top of our game

It’s been a busy news week here in New Hampshire mainly thanks to the Republican primary.  So we wouldn’t blame you if you missed a post here and there.  And as we do every Friday afternoon, we offer you an assist.  Here’s a roundup of the top five StateImpact posts of the week.

1. The Ultimate NH Primary Cheat Sheet: Where The Candidates Stand on Economic Policy: Not surprisingly, this post has continued to dominate our traffic (and comments threads).  And no wonder.  With so many voters worried about the economy–and remaining undecided until the last minute–we imagine some of you had some policy cramming to do.

2. Days Before The Primary, Restaurant Bans Politicians: This was our take on a story reported by  Following a number of customer complaints about glad-handing candidates disrupting their dining experience, Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch staff issued a blanket ban on politicians.  And the restaurant owner spiced-up the piece with a few choice words of his own.

3. For Your Entertainment: Tourism And One Of Primary Night’s Most Amusing Tweets: Twitter can be an overwhelming place.  Especially on primary night.  But given our coverage of political tourism, one clever observation from a NH reporter caught our attention.  And made us laugh.  And gave us an excuse to indulge our nostalgia for 1990’s sketch comedy with a video link.

4. Why Candidates Are Spending Less On The NH Primary This Cycle–And What It Could Mean For The Future: We sift through media coverage to find the common thread between low primary spending and the less-than-enthusiastic campaigning by candidates this election cycle.

5. Why It Doesn’t Really Matter That Powerball Prices Are Doubling: We’ve reported a fair bit on the New Hampshire Lottery’s struggles over the past few years, and the fact that Powerball tickets are going up to $2 caught our attention.  We draw on coverage of that issue, and our own interview with Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre to explain why, from where the state’s standing, it doesn’t really matter all that much.


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