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New Year Brings Good and Bad News For Texas Wind Power

Mose Buchele/StateImpactWind turbines in West Texas help produce record amounts of electricity for the state. By New Year’s Day, the network of transmission lines that comprise Texas’ “Competitive Renewable Energy Zone” [CREZ] will be fully operational, bringing electricity from wind turbines in West Texas and the Panhandle to points east. Many of the lines are […]

Five Things You Should Know About Energy in Texas

Texas is the nation’s leader in oil, natural gas, and wind production. But what parts of the state are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to energy? Last week, StateImpact Texas used data from the Railroad Commission of Texas and thewindpower.net to answer that question. We created maps that showed how much oil, natural […]

Mapped: Wind Energy in Texas

Drive west from Austin or Dallas-Fort Worth towards cities like Midland, Amarillo, or El Paso, and you’re bound to see your share of wind turbines dotting the landscape. That’s because Texas leads the nation in wind capacity, and more wind farms are on the way. That’s reflected in this map, which shows each county’s annual wind […]

StateImpact Texas Hits the Road: Miles and Miles of Texas

With Plenty of Turbines and Pumpjacks Along the Way Over a thousand miles later, StateImpact Texas has returned from our first “Road Show,” a journey that took us from Austin to Midland-Odessa, then to Marfa, and back. Along the way, we heard stories of the drought, the drilling boom, and what everyday Texans think about […]

Largest Federally-Owned Wind Farm to Open Near Amarillo

Texas leads the nation in wind energy production and capacity. Now the federal government is getting in on the action in an effort to clean up its carbon-emitting act. The Department of Energy announced this week that Texas will be the home of the country’s largest federally-owned wind farm. The farm will be built at the […]

How Texas Won the Race to Harness the Wind

A Conversation with Kate Galbraith and Asher Price Texas is the oil and gas capitol of the country, with more rigs than any other state. With all that fossil fuel comes other industries, like refining and manufacturing, which also means Texas is the biggest polluter in the country. But in a surprising twist, the state […]

How to Put a Wind Turbine in the Texas Gulf

A Conversation with Heather Otten Texas leads the nation in wind energy, but all of that is on land. Now several groups are looking out to the Gulf of Mexico for more wind energy potential. Heather Otten, the Chief Development Officer for Baryonyx Corporation, manages the day to day operations of one such company. As StateImpact […]

Boy Harnesses Wind, Spotlight Envelops Boy

You may have seen the TED talk, or read the book, or just seen an interview with him somewhere like CNN or the Daily Show. He’s William Kamkwamaba, a young man from Malawi, who dropped out of school at a young age and built his family a windmill. From junk. And it worked. In the early […]

Texas Renewable Energy Faces Hurdles in Legislature

From the Texas Tribune:  During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama doubled down on his vision for renewable energy, calling for more wind and solar power. In Texas, the Legislature is less enthusiastic. As the session progresses, renewable energy advocates are bracing to defend critical policies that have helped Texas become […]

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