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Where We Stand: The Texas Drought

Texas is now in its third year of drought—but is the end in sight, or are conditions getting worse? Far more of the state is in extreme or exceptional drought now than in July 2012. The Panhandle and the Southeast Texas coast, which are important regions for ranching and agriculture, have been especially hard-hit. According […]

In the Hands of Voters, Texas Water Funding is No Sure Thing

Water was one of the big topics this legislative session, as a growing state faced strained supplies and year after year of drought. Well before things kicked off this year, a plan surfaced to take $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to start a water bank that would fund pipelines, reservoirs, conservation and more. […]

Texas Water Plan Being Questioned by Court

From the Texas Tribune: Just as Gov. Rick Perry and lawmakers finalize plans to spend $2 billion on water-supply projects around the state, a court decision could force Texas to rethink its water-planning process. Last week, Texas’ 11th Court of Appeals ruled that two regional plans feeding into the 2012 state water plan — a 300-page […]

A Brief History of the Texas Water Plan

During the worst of the Texas drought, in 2011, when temperatures soared, dessicated lake beds cracked open, rivers dried to a trickle and several towns nearly ran out of water, Texas Governor Rick Perry asked all Texans to pray for rain. It was not a novel remedy to Texas’ recurring drought problem. Nearly 60 years earlier, in 1953, […]

What’s Moved, What Hasn’t, and What Comes Next at the Texas Lege

With precious little time left in Texas’ 83rd Legislative session, lawmakers will be working this week to vote still-living bills out of the House and Senate. StateImpact Texas has compiled a short list of some bills related to water, energy and the environment that have made it through or may still have a shot. (This […]

Agenda Texas: Water Funding Gets New Life

At the Texas legislature, some things don’t stay dead for long. As time runs out for lawmakers to move dollars towards funding water, roads and education, it appears that for water, at least, an agreement may be in the works. 

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