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What Is The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality?


The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), known as the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission until 1993, is Texas’ state environmental agency. The agency was created by the Texas Legislature in 1991, after combining the Texas Water Commission and the Texas Air Control Board to provide synthesis and cohesion in environmental standards. The agency focuses mostly on promoting clean air and water and the safe management of waste in Texas. It also serves as a watchdog for the protection of the state’s natural resources.

Texas and the TCEQ have not always been in compliance with federal environmental standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has caused some friction between the two organizations. The TCEQ has also received complaints from other environmental groups in Texas. In 2010 they faced a lawsuit from The Aransas Project (TAP), a nonprofit focused on water conservation. TAP accused TCEQ of poorly managing the Guadalupe River Basin leading to the deaths of some whooping cranes. The birds are protected by the Endangered Species Act. The TCEQ also faced criticism from the Sunset Advisory Commission in its evaluation of the organization.

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Air Quality Watchdog Worried About Proposed TCEQ Standard Change

From Houston Public Media:  There are more than 100 metal recycling plants in Houston, several of them in the East End along the ship channel. Rod Gonzalez lives in the Magnolia Park neighborhood, not too far from some of them. He just moved here three months ago from south Texas, and he said Houston’s air feels […]

Sierra Club Worried about Precedent from Nuclear Waste Site Ruling

From KXWT: A state appeals court has again upheld a radioactive waste license for a storage site in Andrews County. The site is owned and operated by Waste Control Specialists, and it’s been at the middle of a series of legal challenges from the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. We recently spoke with the Sierra Club’s Conservation Director Cyrus Reed, who […]

Citing ‘Mismanagement,’ Lawmaker Threatens Massive Overhaul of LCRA

It’s almost strange to refer to the Highland Lakes of Central Texas as “lakes.” They’re sitting at just over a third full, and Lake Travis looks more like a river with plenty of bare, scraggly shoreline. The lake system is the crucial water supply for the million-plus people in and around Austin, and they could […]

$3 Million Awarded to North Texas Family in Fracking Lawsuit

A Texas family sued a drilling company was awarded close to three million dollars this week by a Dallas County jury. The decision is being called a landmark one by people opposed to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” and touted as a first by the plaintiffs’ legal team. “The fracking industry has really just taken off in the […]

Investigation: Disaster at West Fertilizer Plant Was ‘Preventable’

Federal Agency Says ‘It Should Never Have Occurred’   A year after a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas, a federal agency is releasing a report saying the disaster was preventable. The Chemical Safety Board, which investigates chemical accidents and issues recommendations to ensure public safety, is presenting its preliminary findings tonight in […]

Texas Pollution Worsens as Budget Shrinks for Regulators

With budgets already reduced and with more cuts on the way, federal environmental regulators are expected to be doing fewer inspections of industries that pollute. And if state environmental regulators were expected to take up the slack, many of them — including those in Texas —- are dealing with budget cuts of their own. “There […]

What’s Been Done to Prevent Another West?

State Lawmaker Leading Review Says Nothing’s Changed WEST, TX — Trucks and bulldozers are still working here, the site of an explosion a year ago today. A deadly blast tore through this small community, killing fifteen and injuring hundreds. Homes and schools were destroyed, with the damage estimated to be over a hundred million dollars. There’s a […]

Court Thwarts Sierra Club’s Radioactive Waste Challenge

From the Texas Tribune: A state appeals court has thwarted a challenge to a low-level radioactive waste disposal site in West Texas – a ruling that signals growing difficulties for those trying to scrutinize the decisions of Texas environmental regulators. Depending on whom you ask, such a trend would either rightly save companies time and money or […]

Texas Still Considering Solutions to Prevent Another West

This week marks a year since a fertilizer plant exploded in the small Texas town of West, killing fifteen, injuring over a hundred, and destroying homes and local schools. Today, a meeting at the state legislature made it clear that lawmakers aren’t in any hurry to use regulation to guard against something like West from happening […]

Originally Meant for New Mexico, Diverted Nuclear Waste Arrives in West Texas

A truckload of radioactive waste that was originally meant to wind up at a storage site in Carlsbad, New Mexico arrived in West Texas today. It was just the first of many that will be crossing the state line into Andrews Countyover the coming months. The waste was initially headed for theWaste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, […]

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