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How Prop 6 Passed, and What’s Up Next for Water Projects in Texas

Texans overwhelmingly passed a┬áconstitutional┬áamendment Tuesday to jump-start financing for water projects in the state:┬áProposition 6. The plan will┬átake $2 billion in surplus state money (from the Rainy Day Fund) to start a low-interest loan program for water projects in Texas. The measure had widespread support from both sides of the aisle as well as business […]

More than Prayer: How Prop 6 Aims to Improve Water Supplies in Texas

Update:┬áProp 6 passed.┬áRead the full story here. 2011 was the driest year in TexasÔÇÖ recorded history — crops failed, herds were sold off and lakes and reservoirs literally went dry. Some communities, like Spicewood Beach in the Hill Country or Robert Lee in West Texas, had to scramble to find new water supplies. And in […]

Plan for Funding Water Projects Sinks in House

It was possibly the most high profile piece of legislation at the capital this session. It had the backing of the governor, the stateÔÇÖs business community, and many environmental groups. But last night House Bill 11, the plan to pull $2 billion from the state’s rainy day fund to put to Texas water projects, could […]

As Water Plan Legislation Gets Closer to Reality, Little Opposition Found

While there are different routes proposed to get there, one goal is clear this legislative session: lawmakers want to do something to address the state’s water woes. Texas faces shrinking water supplies, persistent drought and a growing population. One major initiative that would likely take $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to start […]

New Plan Would Put Water and Roads Funding in Voters’ Hands

Water and roads are hot topics at the Texas legislature this session, as for the first time in several sessions, lawmakers make real efforts to fund new water and road projects for the growing state. While there seems to be a broad consensus that significant new funding is needed; as expected, it’s in the particulars […]

Major Water Funding Bill Moves One Step Forward, Prioritizes Conservation

Significant new funding for water projects in a dry, thirsty Texas moved one step closer to becoming a reality today. The bill, HB 4, would take money from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to start a loan program for new water projects.┬áIt passed unanimously in a┬ácommittee, and now it heads to the House floor for […]

With Gas Drilling on the Decline, Texas Shale Regions Diverge

Two years ago Texas’ booming Barnett Shale region was facing a slew of challenges that came along with increased oil and gas drilling. Heavy drilling trucks were destroying the roads, employees were getting poached from their everyday jobs to go work on the rigs, and residents of North Texas worried about what kind of impact […]

Lawmakers Propose Fixes For Roads Damaged By Drilling

This legislative session lawmakers are considering various ways to manage the oil and gas drilling boom, from reducing tax breaks to encouraging less water use. And at a conversation with several lawmakers hosted by StateImpact Texas Tuesday night, there was bipartisan agreement that something needs to be done on one issue in particular. Fracking can […]

As Drilling Booms in the Eagle Ford, New Caucus Convenes

The way State Senator Judith Zaffirini tells it, the idea first came from a constituent. The Laredo Democrat was hosting a legislative summit in her hometown when “somebody just rose from the audience during a Q&A and suggested this.” And so the Eagle Ford Shale Legislative Caucus was born. As most Texans know by now, […]

Water For Texas: Lawmakers Say State Needs More Than Money

Two billion dollars is a lot of money. ItÔÇÖs also how much some state lawmakers want to spend to protect Texas from future water shortages. A lot has been made of that price tag. But when three state lawmakers sat down with StateImpact Texas at a forum in Austin last night, they also talked rulemaking. […]

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