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Solar-Powered Public Property Bill Backed by Education, Military

A bill that would increase the amount of renewable electricity on publicly-owned land received support from educators, environmentalists and the military at the Capitol Tuesday. An Army attorney, high school science teacher and an environmental advocate all testified in support of SB 1586, authored by Sen. Jose R. Rodriguez, D-El Paso, at a Senate Business and Commerce […]

What the Military is Learning About Energy Conservation

Though the military’s energy initiatives aren’t new (the Army’s plan “Net Zero” facilities, like the one at Fort Hood, were signed off on in 2005), progress made over the past several years has been easing over into the private sector. Last week, the Texas Coalition of Water, Energy, and Economic Security (TCWEES) hosted a legislative briefing […]

How the Military is Re-thinking Energy

How’s this for a mouthful: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs. It’s basically a complicated way of saying the Defense Department official in charge of figuring out how the military uses and deploys energy in the field. That is Sharon Burke’s position, and in a recent speech at the University of […]

How the Military in Texas is Going Green

While some private solar companies are making headlines for their spectacular failures, and fracking has led to an extended stay for fossil fuels, is it too soon to write off renewables? Maybe not. For one thing, the military is investing in green projects. Big Time. As Kate Galbraith reports today for the Texas Tribune and […]

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