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Walmart Becomes A Solar King, Just Not in Texas. Yet.

It’s where you might go for pool noodles, school supplies and perhaps just people-watching. But the retail behemoth Walmart is also becoming known as a green energy company. On Monday, Walmart unveiled its 100th solar panel array for a store in San Diego. The company has the goal of using 100 percent renewable energy to […]

Going Green at the Texas Governor’s Mansion

Four years after a fire bomb nearly incinerated the entire building, the Texas Governor’s Mansion is rebuilt and running. And you may be surprised to learn that it boasts several new eco-friendly features. “I think it’s not unlike the State of Texas having a diverse portfolio of energy,” Governor Rick Perry said at a tour […]

For Texas Bays and Beaches, Pick Your Poison: Rainfall or Drought

We find ourselves at a bit of a catch-22 under the state’s historic drought. On the one hand, the lack of rainfall is creating a struggle for wildlife. When hot temperatures cause evaporation, salt remains, and that increases the salinity of the water in Texas bays. “You definitely saw the salinities were really high [during […]

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