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More Than a Rain Dance: One Lawmaker’s Plan for a Thirsty State

Texas residents know from first-hand experience that you can’t control Mother Nature. Despite endless months of hopeful optimism, they’ve had little to no luck coaxing the skies to give us the extended rains we so desperately need. Even recent deluges have hardly put a dent in lake and river levels. With one town on the […]

UT Economists Doubt “Green” Jobs Economic Impact in Texas

Federal funds would be better spent on traditional jobs rather than those in “green energy” businesses, according to economists with the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology. “We looked as objectively as we could,” said Michelle Foss, Chief Energy Economist with the Bureau. “And for quite a long time, for the foreseeable future, (Texas) […]

A Plan to Save Haiti’s Forests, Hatched in Texas

Take a look at this satellite image of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Haiti’s on the western side, the Dominican Republic is on the east. Now look at the border dividing those counties and you notice a troubling detail. In many places, the forests on the Haitian side disappear: View Larger Map “Ninety-five percent of Haiti’s […]

Can Green Roofs Work in Texas?

It’s a novel idea — plants, shrubs and flowers, grown on the roof of urban buildings. The plants help cool surrounding air and provide insulation during both hot and cool temperatures. But there’s a catch.

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