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Construction Begins on Largest Carbon Capture Project in the World

Here’s a head-scratcher: Over a million of tons of carbon dioxide a year will be captured from a coal plant near Houston, Texas. Then that captured carbon will be used to get more fossil fuels out of the ground, specifically from an old oilfield that’s been in use since the 1930s. Construction has begun on […]

OTC Offshore Conference Ain’t Just About Oil and Gas

Tens of thousands of folks from the offshore drilling industry will gather in Houston starting Monday for the massive, week-long Offshore Technology Conference, aka OTC. Since 1969, the conference has been a hotspot for offshore oil and gas technology. Think of it as SXSW for offshore drilling. But it’s not all fossil fuels grabbing attention. […]

High-Level Nuclear Waste Could One Day Come to Texas, But It’s a Long Road

The United States’ total high-level radioactive waste could fit inside a football stadium with room to spare. Right now, it’s distributed between the country’s 100 commercial nuclear power plants and stored on site. But all that waste could be headed to Texas in the coming years. One of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus’ interim charges for […]

Largest Federally-Owned Wind Farm to Open Near Amarillo

Texas leads the nation in wind energy production and capacity. Now the federal government is getting in on the action in an effort to clean up its carbon-emitting act. The Department of Energy announced this week that Texas will be the home of the country’s largest federally-owned wind farm. The farm will be built at the […]

Why It’s Cheaper to Charge an Electric Car than Fill Up With Gas

The next time you’re pumping gas on a hot, sticky summer day, watching the numbers tick upward as you fill the tank with fuel that can sometimes run $4 per gallon, you may be surprised to learn that the person cruising past in an electric car is not only avoiding stopping at the pump entirely—they’re […]

Under New Approval, More Natural Gas Will Be Sent Abroad From Texas

As a drilling boom continues in Texas and other states, the U.S. finds itself with so much natural gas that some companies now want to export domestic fuels abroad. Today, the federal Department of Energy (DOE) announced approval of a second facility, the Freeport LNG Terminal on Quintana Island, to export natural gas in liquid […]

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