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Texas Supreme Court Reinforces Denbury Decision on Eminent Domain. Again.

For the third time, The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against a pipeline company’s use of eminent domain. But the oil and gas industry did not give this one up without a fight. Here’s some background: In a landmark ruling at the Texas Supreme Court last August, a rice farmer in Beaumont (along with a […]

Decision Could Come Soon in the Case of the Pipeline vs. the Farmer

On Friday, Judge Bill Harris of Lamar County heard arguments in a pre-trial hearing about the Keystone XL pipline’s use of eminent domain in North Texas. On one side of the court was Julia Trigg Crawford and her attorney. Crawford owns a farm north of Paris, and the pipeline would cross a portion of her […]

Keystone XL Gets Final Permit to Run Through Texas

All that stands in the way of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline at this point are a few landowners. While the northern section of the pipeline from Canada to Oklahoma has hit some snags, the southern portion is now officially cleared to go ahead, according to the company. TransCanada, the company behind […]

How Keystone XL Beat a Farmer’s Restraining Order

On Friday, a district court judge dissolved a┬átemporary┬árestraining order filed by Lamar County farmer Julia Trigg Crawford and her family against TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline. That pipeline would run nearly 1,700 miles from the oil sands of Alberta, Canada to┬árefineries┬áon the gulf coast. Just days after the restraining order was removed, […]

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