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Why an Environmental Group is Going After Austin’s Coal Plant

One environmental group believes that the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) needs something more than just a chimney sweep to clean up its act. LCRA was served with a notice of intent to sue last week by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), representing the Texas Campaign for the Environment. The environmental group’s notice of intent […]

Indian Tribe Drops Opposition to Eagle Pass Border Coal Mining Project

Our friends at the Texas Tribune report today that the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas has dropped its opposition toĀ a coal mining project along the Texas-Mexico border. The project in question is the Dos Republicas Coal Partnership, which would take coal from a strip mine along the border in Maverick County, Texas and ship it […]

Sierra Club Files Suit Against Luminant

This week the Sierra Club filed a federal lawsuit against Energy Future Holdings Corp. and its subsidiary, Luminant Generation Company. The Sierra Club alleges that Luminantā€™s Big Brown coal-fired power plant has ā€œthousands of ongoing air pollution violationsā€ of the Clean Air Act. The plant is located approximately 65 miles northeast of Waco in Freestone […]

How Abundant Natural Gas Spells Trouble for Renewables

A few years ago, when US natural gas production was kicking into high gear, gas promoters like T. Boone Pickens sold it as something close to a panacea. It was a plentiful source of energy that could create jobs at home. It could wean the US off of foreign oil. Perhaps most importantly, it was […]

A Plan to Save Haiti’s Forests, Hatched in Texas

Take a look at thisĀ satellite image of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Haitiā€™s on the western side, the Dominican Republic is on the east. Now look at the border dividing those counties and you notice a troubling detail. In many places, the forests on the Haitian side disappear: View Larger Map ā€œNinety-five percent of Haitiā€™s […]

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