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Houston Air Quality Improving, But Still Dirty

The winds of change are cleaner than usual in Texas’ biggest metropolitan area. According to the American Lung Association’s annual State of the Air 2012 report, Houston’s air quality index has improved slightly from last year, marking the best levels ever recorded in the city since the association first began following them thirteen years ago. The association […]

A Child of Refinery Row Looks Back

What’s it like growing up surrounded by refineries in Corpus Christi? A commenter on one of our stories about Refinery Row, Iris Gonzales Hinojosa, writes about her childhood among the refinery stacks: “I grew up in Dona park, specifically on Vernon Drive, and many of my childhood memories include Mom and Dad, closing our home’s windows to […]

TCEQ Talks Enforcement, Reforms, and Budget Cuts

With about 2,760 employees, 16 regional offices, and an operating budget of $354 million this year, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the second largest state environmental regulation agency in the U.S. The man in charge of Compliance and Enforcement at TCEQ is Richard Hyde. Hyde sat down with reporter Mose Buchele as part […]

Texas Stands Out on Polluter List

NPR reporters, working with the Center for Public Integrity, obtained a never-before published EPA list the Agency uses to track polluters. Roughly one in 10 factories on the most recent list is in Texas.

StateImpact and NPR’s Poisoned Places: A Special Investigative Report

Today NPR, the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) and StateImpact launch a special series examining how air pollution is affecting communities across the nation called Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities. It has been twenty-one years since Congress amended the Clean Air Act to deal with toxic air, directing the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce […]

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