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Pa. lagged in renewable energy growth in past decade, but trend may be reversing

Out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania only beat out Alaska in adding new wind and solar energy.

By Rachel McDevitt

Offshore wind farms could reduce Atlantic City’s surfclam fishery revenue up to 25%, Rutgers study suggests

The Atlantic surfclam industry generates about $30 million in yearly revenue. But a new study shows offshore wind development planned for the Jersey coast could cut that income up to 25%.

By Susan Phillips

Record-breaking offshore wind leases top $4 billion for coastal New Jersey and New York

The Biden Administration’s first offshore wind lease sales topped $4 billion for 488,000 acres, blowing away previous records and marking a shift in energy dollars toward renewables.

By Susan Phillips

Offshore wind energy lease sale in N.Y., N.J. touted as eventual jobs creator

The fishing industry says the Biden administration is fast-tracking offshore wind development on an industrial scale  at the expense of the environment and sustainable fisheries.

By Susan Phillips

Jersey Shore’s fishing industry wonders: Can it coexist with industrial sized wind farms?

The wind farms would occupy some of the most fertile fishing grounds in the nation, prompting a growing battle between fisheries and wind power.

By Susan Phillips

D.C. to buy Pennsylvania wind power

By Reid Frazier