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Carbon tax, jobs and China’s emissions: Experts answer your questions about Biden’s climate plan

In his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, President Biden included many programs to help reach climate goals. Let’s take a look under the hood of the plan with the help of expert scientists.

By Reid Frazier

Can Biden’s climate plan spark cooperation in Pa.? Some see possible common ground in jobs, infrastructure

Republican lawmakers have resisted Wolf administration climate-change efforts. But a different national tone could encourage efforts to compromise.

By Rachel McDevitt

Why the oil industry doesn’t fear Biden

The oil industry sees the president-elect as open to compromise — and likely constrained by a Republican Senate.

By Camila Domonoske, NPR

How energy and environment will change under Biden

The Trump administration spent the last four years dismantling environmental regulations, which Trump says hurt businesses and the economy. More than 100 rules governing clean water, clean air, chemical contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions have been reversed.
By Susan Phillips/WHYY

Trump pounds fracking as a wedge issue in Pa. But if it’s not a top concern for voters, how much can it help?

While Trump keeps bringing it up in the campaign, Pennsylvania voters are most focused on health care, the pandemic and the economy.

By Susan Phillips