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Pa. electric customers would save with more power-sharing between regions, study says

The analysis says more interregional power lines will lower the overall number of power plants needed and let cheaper power flow more easily across borders.

By Rachel McDevitt

Electric utilities in Pa. monitoring grid in the wake of North Carolina attacks

Pennsylvania utilities are monitoring for threats after an attack on two electric substations left thousands of people without power in North Carolina.

By Rachel McDevitt

Influx of renewables has regional operator planning for future electric grid

Over the next 15 years PJM Interconnection expects to add 100,000 megawatts of renewable power.

By Rachel McDevitt

In Pa., you can pick an electricity provider. Did the Texas storm make you rethink your choice?

The commonwealth says it has rules to prevent price spikes. Have you switched from your default electricity provider, or are you thinking about it? StateImpact Pennsylvania wants to hear your story.

By Anne Danahy

Wolf joins governors calling for unified, national power grid

A bipartisan group of governors is calling on federal regulators to look at unifying the nation’s power grids.

By Marie Cusick

As more storms roll in, how will power companies keep the lights on?

Significant power outages have increased across the state. The Public Utility Commission warns that utilities might not be prepared to handle frequent severe weather.

By Amy Sisk