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What Are Your Burning Questions About Natural Gas Drilling?


What do you want to know about natural gas drilling?

We’re collecting your “burning questions” about Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale boom, and answering them.

So, what’s on your mind? Send an email to, with the subject line “burning questions.”


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Dead Calves and Hairless Puppies

Two scientists have tracked the impacts of shale gas drilling on animals and recently published  an article in New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy. The piece details farmers’ experiences when their livestock and pets came in contact with drilling waste water. In “Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health,” [...]

Top Five “Burning Questions” of 2011

When we first started airing spots seeking listener’s “Burning Questions” about natural gas development in Pennsylvania, we thought maybe we’d get a few responses. But dozens of questions poured in from all over the state, and some from out of state. We put together an excel spreadsheet, we hijacked an intern, we started sweating. Some [...]

Top Five Posts of the Year

We here at State Impact Pennsylvania hope all of you are embracing some holiday spirit and relaxing as much as we are right now. Scott and I will be trying not to think about energy or shale or the environment this week as we spend time with our families. But we do have several evergreen [...]

Burning Question: What Would Life Be Like Without the Halliburton Loophole?

Dick Cheney Speaks At The American Enterprise Institute

Our most popular Burning Question, as voted on by  StateImpact readers, is one that came from Howard Weissman. Weissman wants to know what the impact would be if federal regulations that apply to other industries were applied to the natural gas industry. Here’s Howard’s query: Even though I don’t live in Pennsylvania (I’m in Delaware) I [...]

Burning Questions: Quarantined Cows Give Birth to Dead Calves

This is part of an ongoing StateIm­pact series answer­ing reader-submitted burn­ing ques­tions about nat­ural gas drilling. Last week, we tack­led water test­ing, whether or not frack­ing can lead to earthquakes, the status of the state’s deep injection wells, and all things water. Today we’re following up to a story covered heavily by the press more than a year ago. In late April [...]

Answering Your Burning Questions About Fracking And Gas Drilling

A Bradford County drilling rig

All this week, StateImpact answered your burning questions about natural gas drilling. Answering queries submitted by readers, we explained the basics of water testing, water use during hydraulic fracturing, the location of Pennsylvania’s deep injection wells, and whether or not fracking has been linked to earthquakes. Now, it’s your turn to weigh in on which [...]

Burning Question: Where Are Pa.’s Deep Injection Wells?

clearfield county

This week, StateIm­pact is answer­ing reader-submitted burn­ing ques­tions about nat­ural gas drilling. On Mon­day, we tack­led water test­ing. Tuesday, we took a look at an issue that popped up after August’s Vir­ginia earth­quake: whether or not frack­ing can lead to earthquakes. On Wednesday, we looked at all things water.  Today’s question comes from Jenny Lisak. Lisak wants to know how [...]

Burning Questions: What’s What, When It Comes To Water?

This week, StateImpact is answering reader-submitted burning questions about natural gas drilling. On Monday, we tackled water testing. Yesterday, we took a look at an issue that popped up after August’s Virginia earthquake: whether or not fracking can lead to seismic disturbances. Today’s topic: water.  We received several questions about water: how much is used [...]

New Website Helps Landowners With Fracking Questions

The Natural Resources Defense Council has just launched a new website devoted to helping residents living above shale deposits avoid adverse health effects from gas drilling. The site, entitled “Don’t Get Fracked!” includes questions on health, landowner rights, environmental impacts, pollution from spills and accidents, and state regulations. The site is organized based on common [...]

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