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Katie is a reporter for PA Post and she hosts its political podcast State of the State. For two years she has covered the legislature, governor, and a wide range of political issues for public radio stations across Pennsylvania.

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File photo. A Chesapeake Energy natural gas well site in Bradford County, PA.

A drill rig in the Tiadaghton State Forest.

A sinkhole that opened up in January was surrounded by orange plastic fencing outside a suburban home at Lisa Drive in West Whiteland Township, Chester County.
Updated: May 2, 2019 | 5:40 pm

Chester County state representative faces backlash for bringing Nazis into pipeline debate

Danielle Friel Otten said she wasn’t comparing pipeline workers to Nazis. Many others say that’s what she did. She apologized on Thursday.

By Katie Meyer

Exelon's Three Mile Island plant is scheduled to prematurely close in September 2019. The company has been lobbying for help from the state to keep it open.

Gas, nuclear lobbies butt heads as Senate takes up nuclear-rescue bill

Chamber's first hearing on bill became discussion on fairness of Pennsylvania's energy economy
By Katie Meyer

In March 1979, Middletown Borough was home to approximately 11,000 residents. It was estimated at that time that 20 percent of the population packed up and temporarily left the area due to the uncertainty of what might transpire at Three Mile Island.

Forty years later, the prospect of a TMI-related evacuation remains daunting

The last several decades have brought more detailed plans and better technology, but the people responsible for TMI disaster prep say there will always be unknowns.
By Katie Meyer

This April 26, 2017 photo shows Jim O'Neill walking through a flooded street in front of his home in Manahawkin N.J. after a moderate storm. He lives in a low-lying area near the Jersey shore, and is often affected by back bay flooding, a type of recurring nuisance flooding that's affecting millions of Americans and which experts agree has not been as widely addressed as oceanfront flooding, in part because potential solutions are much more difficult.

House panel hosts climate change doubter, whose beliefs draw a rebuke from scientists

Geologist Gregory Wrightstone has a career history with the gas industry, and his beliefs on non-CO2-related warming directly contradict the scientific consensus on climate change.

By Katie Meyer

Governor Tom Wolf's severance tax proposals have become something of an annual tradition. In keeping with that tradition, Republicans have said they have no intention of passing his latest version of the plan.

Wolf wants to fund infrastructure with shale tax; Republicans say nope

The governor’s plan — if passed — would route money toward things like broadband expansion, flood remediation, and urban blight reduction.

By Katie Meyer

Workers and contractors for Sunoco Pipeline begin an 'additional investigation' of geological conditions behind homes at Lisa Drive, West Whiteland Township, Chester County where the company has been drilling for construction of the Mariner East 2 and 2X pipelines.