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Introducing ‘energy, explained,’ a podcast from StateImpact Pennsylvania

  • Scott Blanchard

In the past year, StateImpact Pennsylvania has broadened its geographical reach, adding two Pittsburgh-based reporters, Reid Frazier and Amy Sisk, to the team that already included Harrisburg-based Marie Cusick and Philadelphia-based Susan Phillips.

StateImpact expanded its coverage footprint, too, beyond the shale gas boom. Its authoritative reporting focuses on the ongoing energy transition: from the struggles of the coal and nuclear industries to the rapid rise of natural gas and renewable energy.

Now, the StateImpact team brings you “energy, explained” — a new podcast that brings you behind the stories of Pennsylvania’s complex and consequential energy economy and the decisions that affect people across the state.

Check our website tomorrow for Episode 1: A very controversial pipeline — Pennsylvania’s most polarizing pipeline brings the fracking boom through Philadelphia’s suburbs. The neighbors aren’t happy. We explain.

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