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Seven arrested at pipeline task force meeting

Seven people were arrested after they disrupted Governor Wolf's pipeline task force meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday.

Marie Cusick/ StateImpact Pennsylvania

Seven protesters were arrested after they disrupted Governor Wolf's pipeline task force meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday.

Seven people were arrested for disorderly conduct after they disrupted the final meeting of Governor Tom Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force in Harrisburg Wednesday.

The protesters shouted as they were escorted out of the meeting by Capitol Police:

The task force was convened by state Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Quigley last year. It’s made up of representatives from industry, government, academia and environmental groups. Over the past few months, they’ve put together a draft report with 184 separate recommendations for Wolf on how to handle Pennsylvania’s ongoing pipeline building boom.

The public meetings have been contentious at times, with emotional pleas from landowners who accused major oil and gas companies of bullying their way onto their properties through the use of eminent domain. Representatives from organized labor and business groups have also spoken out in favor of the projects, siting the jobs they bring to skilled workers, such as welders. However most of the public comments have been negative.

Anti-fracking groups have accused the entire effort as being a public relations exercise, which Quigley disputes.

“This process has helped us elevate our practice,” he says. “It’s my hope the industry hears the messages from the report, public comments, and folks that came here to this meeting. There were some powerful messages that we all need to pay attention to.”

David Spigelmyer who heads the state’s main gas industry trade group, the Marcellus Shale Coalition, sent a letter to Quigley last month questioning the need for many of the recommendations in the report.

“Imposing additional costly, and in many cases duplicative requirements runs counter to the stated purpose of the task force,” Spigelmyer wrote.

State Senator Andy Dinniman (D- Chester) piled on at Wednesday’s meeting and criticized the group for failing to engage lawmakers. He told them many of his fellow legislators are unaware of the task force’s report.

“If the task force is going to have some meaning there is going to have to be some effort to share it with the legislature,” he said. “Otherwise like all task force reports, it gets put on a shelf somewhere.”

The final report from the group will be delivered to Wolf in early February.


  • karen orlando

    Fascinating. I saw Beyond Extreme Energy, who fight against “communicide” being committed by FERC (this can be read to actually mean FERC giving certificates for pipelines and LNG facilities) on their social media site of this refreshing activism event. Some folks associated with Beyond Extreme Energy have in fact interjected themselves into FERC dockets with pure nonsense like the rockaway docket, routinely miseducate the public, reporters and politicians about FERC itself, the permitting process, mutliple pipeline projects and were part of promoting a conspiracy theory on the Port Ambrose lng import project. Also some are in the news currently for spectra aim project resistance and disrupting other pipeline meeting forums. I wonder when if ever I will read an accurate story about who they are and what they are doing in the news. Plus Ted Glick for a change? Really?

    • Maggie Henry

      Who are you and what is the axe you are attempting to grind?

      • karen orlando

        Who are you maggie? Are my words not clear enough for you?

        • elise

          Maggie is another landowner whose land has been poisoned by fracking. She’s directly experienced the tragedy brought through this infrastructure expansion. Please show sone repect for these Pennsylvanians who have had their lives destroyed by corporate greed and government complicity. My mother and I have insomina and nightmares due to this push through our land if two huge NGL pipelines. People who make these completely uninformed comments ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES EXPERIENCES have no respect for other human beings and it’s absolutely disgraceful.

          • karen orlando

            Elise your comments to me are ridiculous. The article is about the disruption of a pipeline task force meeting. I made some comments about activists. Your friend who I don’t know asked me who I was and made an uninformed assertion about me, not the other way around.

      • William Huston

        I try not to feed the Trolls (and Shills), Maggie. They just squawk & poop everywhere and breed and stick around. This one is NYC based, works with Shepstone (so is likely EID), and attacks the Downstate folks making a difference. I would advise not spending 2 seconds responding to industry shills like this.

        • karen orlando

          Wiliam, go right ahead and ask your friends at sane energy when they met me and what the circumstances were. Then go to their website and read their fictional and error riddled account of the rockaway project. Your attack on me is just like your friend’s. Offensive. The Downstate folks you say are making a difference as you well know created a map of all ny state infrackstructure, feign expertise where they have none and more. Not only could they not read a fairly simple map of two downstate projects one being the rockaway they have spent years lying to nearly everyone they meet about lots of things. Since you are familiar with the fercs elibrary and website it would be easy enough for you to go to either the certificate order for the rockawaynortheast connector projects from 2014 and find my name there as well as dockets cp13-36 and pf09-8. Similarly I am familiar with fercs website and dockets so I can see your recent comments on constitution pipe.

          • William Huston

            Sorry Karen, you’re right. I shouldn’t have called you nasty names. I have seen you insult so many good people, so maybe I’m a little angry? I have no idea what you are talking about w/r/t the Rockaway project. But please don’t bother explaining because this is how I have seen you waste people’s time with inane, incomprehensible banter.

            Look at me now… I urged Maggie to stay away, and now I’m trapped. Arguing with you is a bit like getting caught in quicksand, Karen. I should have followed my own advice.

            I should have just said you work with Shepstone, and that you are likely IMO a paid industry shill and left it there. The fact you call people liars, but fail to state any factual errors, is exactly how EID tends to operate. I do not mean to attack you personally. I am sure you are a nice person in real life.

            Bye for now, have a great day. I hope you, and all beings, are happy and free from suffering.

            PS: I have seen you sharing my videos. I do appreciate that!

          • karen orlando

            Bill, your allegations are offensive. Moreover like I said your friends KNOW that your targeting me as a shill who works for EID is absurd. Its not surprising to me at all that you would make a claim that is completely false and which you could never in a bajillion years prove and then shrug that off with an abbreviation IMO as if the reality of who I am is actually up for grabs. Where as it’s incredibly easy for me to prove what I say. Your friends just like you it seems are under the impression that if you just keep repeating a lie eventually it becomes the truth.

            Dude. You are insane. You are arguing with me about who I am. Backed up by nothing but some kooky conspiracy theory and your idea of logic.

            Nearly the entire history of the rockaway project written on sane energys ptroject is fictional. The group claims to have somewhere between 3000 and 5000 members and there is no evidence that this is true. A government website with a docket on the port ambrose lng import project in the first place describes an lng import project. In the second the docket just like other hearings contains a transcript. And there you can read some of your friends giving passionate speeches about how the port ambrose LNG import project was obviously a secret conspiratorial export project. There isn’t a shred of evidence that this is so. Also you could find people saying this all over the news as well.

          • scottvideo

            Oh, and she’s overly dramatic.

      • scottvideo

        She works for Tom Sheptsone writing whacko fracktivist conspiracy drivel.

    • Jeff Share

      You are 100% right.

      • elise

        See above.

        • Jeff Share

          i used to live in Pennsylvania and only wish that our area had been part of the Marcellus. I doubt what you say is true unless you can provide scientific proof or that the state has filed official coimplaints against the operators,.

          • hmontaigne

            There’s a lot of evidence. The EPA report was slanted and inaccurate, but don’t look for the MSM to correct themselves on it just yet. I live in PA and I’m glad there’s been a slowdown in gas production for now. Those touted jobs are a flash in the pan anyhow, for the locals.

          • elise


            There’s details on a large Sunoco gas pipeline spill. The new pipelines they want to put in are under much higher pressure than lines carrying gasoline and carry what is OFFICIALLY called “HAZARDOUS LIQUIDS.” Sunoco has also done work without permits (blatant disregard of existing laws and procedure Sunoco has also tried to hide spills by not reporting them to DEP, and has been fined for that.
            You claim you wish you lived in a situation where a company with a record like this can steal your land and slap together a pipeline in less than a year carrying hazardous liquids through your home…. that is… well… unbelievable.

            Would you also agree with the state taking your property for a shopping mall or some other corporate venture? Our property was handed over to Sunoco under eminent domain, although eminent domain is supposed to be reserved for PUBLIC UTILITIES operating for the common good within the boundaries of PENNSYLVANIA. Sunoco’s Mariner East project crosses FOUR STATES and sends NGLs to the east coast FOR EXPORT. They also happen to be a private, for-profit corporation.

            I suppose you’re entitled to your outlandish feelings on your own situation. I respectfully ask you NOT to assume things about MY FAMILY’S struggle. Thanks.

  • karen orlando

    Marie have you ever covered or used Environmental action as a source? I’ve seen some fascinating stuff from this group including promotion of a conspiracy theory on the port ambrose lng import, questionnable testimony on environmental justice on that project and clearly they are part of what is an interconnected web of activists who are producing a staggering amoun of misinformation that is and has been being broadcast all over the news for at least the last 3 and half years. There’s evidence that this has been going on for longer as well and to use an analogy, one could say that right now this has become something of an epidemic. There is an enormous amount of misinformation reaching the public on pipelines and almost everything related to natural gas right now and over the last few years.

    • Scott Cannon

      Karen, I believe you are a cause of a lot of kooky conspiracy disinformation after reading that ridiculous piece you wrote on Tom Shepstone’s pro gas propaganda blog.about me being a bully. that was funny!

      • karen orlando

        Dear scott, in addition to your nonsense which included you commenting on my blog, I have had to deal with groups like the sane energy project who are included in beyond extreme energy’s actions plus as I stated to you more than once and which is easily verified I in fact participated in a pipeline docket cp13-36 where the certificate order in fact mentions my name more than once. Sane Energy members and the group in fact were in that pipeline docket interjecting nonsense and were reported on doing this in prefile in the summer of 2012. That is also easily verified as it is on a local newsblog called Sheepshead Bites.

        Bruce Ferguson of an antifracking Catskill group wrote a piece on NYers against fracking website about how the antifracking movements conspiracy theory on the port ambrose import proposal wasn’t a conspiracy theory. That’s also verifiable as are multiple news stories where antifracking activists from various groups say the port ambrose import project was for export.

        Ever hear of Josh Fox and gasland? Port ambrose as an export project also was on his social media site.

        I’m sure your theory about me and kooky disinformation isn’t the only thing you believe that’s not grounded in reality or fact.

        • karen orlando

          That is just one place where food and water watch’s Eric Weltman is featured miseducating about the port ambrose proposal. And it is also one example of facts actually being brought directly to the attention of reporters and news orgs that were promptly ignored. That was 2014. Verifiable. As is the fact that I am in the port ambrose docket commenting as is the fact that the coast guards final eis on port ambrose mentions the rockaway project and libertys port ambrose project in relation to it.

          Liberty natural gas llc is also mentioned in the certificate order on the rockaway northeast connector projects and that is also verifiable not “kooky”. I’m sure I could find some writeups about port ambrose at beyond exreme energys ferc events featuring either Patrick Robbins or Kim Fraczek of sane energy project which are “kooky” as FERC was not even the agency reviewing the port ambrose import proposal. It would also be easy for me to find news coverage only recent featuring kim as well with spectra aim resistance arrests and court appearance coverage.

    • Briget Shields

      Yes for more than 3 years, try 6 now that people in PA have been without water due to harms from the gas industry. You need a wake up call if you think this is misinformation or maybe try living without potable water for a week, let alone 6 years. Or maybe take a look at Porter Ranch, Ca. It’s going to take a crisis like this to get the NEWS to report the truth about this toxic assignation on PA taxpayers. Your all fooling yourselves thinking pipelines and gas are the answer to our energy needs.

    • elise

      My mother and I who were arrested at this meeting aren’t part of any “group.” She’s a retired special education teacher whose land is being stolen by Sunoco in eminent domain proceedings. All we want is to keep our land and live here safely and peacefully. We can’t do that with two 24 inch NGL pipelines running through our water table after clearcutting of our woods. We are simply asking the state not to betray hardworking taxpayers and not to shut us out while companies like Sunoco (who have been fined millions by DEP already) sit at the table in good faith. Maybe it is you who should check your facts.

      • karen orlando

        So explain ted glicks presence, beyond extreme energys promotion of the disruption was about plus an article on popular resistance that referred to groups?Then explain t in what way you believe that your interruption of the task force meeting will do anything about any of the things you just said, whether above or eslewhere.

  • karen orlando

    There is some more video footage of the event being promoted by gasland facebook site so I assume that is josh fox and team and beyond extreme energy.

  • Jeff Share

    just a few punk activists get all this undeserved publicity. A real disgrace.

    • elise

      See my above comment. Retired special education teachers whose land is being stolen by a corporation to install dangerous pipelines on said stolen property aren’t “punk activists” get your facts straight!

  • Briget Shields

    Notify the legislature? Like they are going to do anything to protect the citizens of PA. I’ve watched this toxic industry destroy the lives of many good PA taxpaying citizens, along with polluting our water ways with toxic chemicals and radiation for the past 6 years and guess what? The legislature on both sides has abandoned these people and the people of this commonwealth. It’s going to be a “Porter Ranch, or Flint MI crisis before any of our so called leaders do something about the destruction from O&G in PA! People in SW PA have been without potable water, along with the people of Woodlands, Butler county, Dimock, Bradford and guess what…..still without any help from our government or the industry that harmed them.

  • Jae Mac

    It’s criminal that the state allows so many folks to be living so many years without drinking water. One day this will be us too if we stand by and do nothing. What good are jobs without drinking water.

  • Michael Bagdes-Canning

    No, actually. Your comments are gibberish.

  • William Huston

    A fabulous action against an industry-stacked commission without even ONE environmentalist or property-rights advocate. Well, one environmental activist/filmmaker was invited, then disinvited without explaination. These crooks and earth-rapers should be disrupted.

    • karen orlando

      Would you call the industry stacked pipeline task force a rubber stamp machine/commission? Because I think this is a video of some people singing a song about how FERC’s a rubber stamp machine that you might recognize, say yourself and some other activist who represent different groups or participate in a variety of groups actions. Like say Sane Energy, Occupy the Pipeline, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Beyond Extreme Energy, Resist Aim and likely I’m leaving some stuff out.

  • clairesse

    The task force is clearly biased and will serve the goals of industry which is to push through the pipelines to then carry the gas to the east coast to export. Meanwhile we are a third world nation drilling and processing the gas for other countries, which results in our children being exposed to benzene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic chemcals. Bans in New York and several European nations but no protection for us. I have already had several friends move from western PA. They are destroying this state.

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