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Wolf to target methane emissions from oil and gas industry

Gov. Tom Wolf will host a live town hall forum on Facebook Tuesday to discuss climate change, energy, and the environment.

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Gov. Tom Wolf will host a live town hall forum on Facebook Tuesday to discuss climate change, energy, and the environment. He is expected to announce new regulations on methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

Governor Tom Wolf will make a major announcement Tuesday about his administration’s efforts to combat climate change. He is expected to target methane emissions from the oil and gas industry.

Gretchen Dahlkemper of the group Moms Clean Air Force is scheduled to meet with Wolf and other parents ahead of a Facebook town hall meeting he’s hosting on climate change.

“The governor ran on protecting our families from the oil and gas industry– especially the air pollution. We’re hoping this is the rule that’s been promised,” says Dahlkemper. “Every indication is that it is.”

No one from the governor’s office was available to comment. State offices were closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

In September the EPA proposed the first federal rules to keep methane from oil and gas out of the atmosphere. Methane is the main component of natural gas. Compared to carbon dioxide, it is a much more potent greenhouse gas, although it stays in the planet’s atmosphere for a shorter time period.

Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Quigley recently signaled his agency’s next regulations would relate to methane emissions.

“We have to keep pace with the industry,” Quigley said on a recent conference call with reporters, while discussing new drilling regulations. “Methane is a subject we’re certainly looking at.”

Environmentalists say both methane and carbon emissions must be cut sharply in order to address climate change. The oil and gas industry is the nation’s second largest source of methane emissions after agriculture.



  • Vera Scroggins

    yes, address those methane emission issues and do something seriously about it. thanks, for this article .

    • Lilycate

      Oh, good grief.

  • EdwdLny

    Oh good grief. Climate change ? Really ? Climate change as espoused by the frauds at the UN and by mann, trenberth et al is a huge money grubbing scam. The good governor just lost what little credibility he may have had. Geez, what a bunch of maroons.

    • Tim

      Did you mean to write “maroons” or ” “morons”. Because that and the rest of your statement make you look like a macaroon!

      • EdwdLny

        Maroon. Reference mid twentieth century American colloquialisms. And, global warming or climate change or whatever baloney term is current usage , has been and continues to be an immense scam and fraud.

  • Tim

    If you keep it in the ground you can keep it out of the air

  • PennsylvaniaSage

    Mini Obama!

  • bill

    Looks like Wolf’s given up on over taxing and is now moving on to try over regulating. Right out of the Obama playbook.

  • Colonel_Bob

    Does this mean the governor has given up on his idea of an extraction tax, or does he not realize that by raising the cost of doing business will make Pennsylvania less competitive than its neighboring states?

  • Ken Snyder

    Oh ffs.

  • Fracked

    Drilling took off in Susquehanna County in 2006-no regs no laws just gas. “Looking at methane 10 years later is not reassuring. Actions speak louder than words and so far the only action I can see is trucks, tankers, flaring, fracking and spewing-oh don’t forget the water deliveries.

    • Jim Adams

      quit yer whing

  • Robert Howard

    Notice he vetoed much of the PA budget for Agriculture. Is that because he opposes the largest source of methane emissions —- agriculture? Exactly what will his policies do for climate change? He can’t answer that question because he doesn’t know.

  • Jim Adams

    still would like to know why carbon dioxide is considered greenhouse gas…we exhale it and plants use it…..heres an idea..if all politicians would quit talking co2 would decrease dramaticaly the put plugs in cows butts would decrease methane…you idiots who voted for wolfe caused this

    • ebm120

      They want to find new ways to tax you just for living.

  • Lilycate

    Meet Tom Wolf. No friend to Pennsylvania.

  • kenneth weir

    Socialize the costs and privatizing the profits , Ridge ,Rendell , Corbett and now Wolf , why all the crying? Everyone in this state should be outraged at the “leaders” instead of at each others throats. Divide and conquer , the only effective way to govern an misinformed public. Lets hang people who don’t look like us, think like us or act like us. Like Houdini, politicians tell us to watch the right hand while all along the real deception is happening with his left. Why all the anger , we should all be demanding at least a 20% tax and free gas for all residents of Pennsylvania, the industry would cry and maybe even leave , for awhile but this energy source being finite, they will be back. Those that stay will at least pay for their play. If this industry is the golden calf, why is the Pa all fd’ up. Where is all the money ?

  • Mike

    Climate change — “send us a trillion dollars and we’ll figure out how we can change the weather”. What a scam….could these nutcase progressives please stop this nonsense?

  • karen orlando

    Interestingly momscleanairforce wrote about port ambrose an lng import proposal under a “ny fracking not over” infrackstructure theme.

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