Brazilians Show Interest In Pennsylvania Shale Gas Drilling

  • Marie Cusick

Justin_Vidamo/Flickr Creative Commons

On Wednesday, Corbett signed a joint declaration with Brazilian leaders in Rio de Janeiro (pictured), which focused on promoting collaboration in energy investments, particularly in oil and natural gas development.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Brazilian leaders have expressed interest in Pennsylvania’s experiences with shale gas development.
Governor Corbett met with leaders there this week as part of his 10-day trade mission through Brazil and Chile.
He tells the Post-Gazette the two governments have a lot in common. He plans to send Brazilian leaders a copy of Act 13, Pennsylvania’s year-old law regulating gas drilling:

“They have a very similar balance of energy portfolio,” Gov. Tom Corbett said in an interview. “They’re looking at us as to how can they invest in us. We’re looking at our people that are coming down, smaller companies coming down, how can they invest here?”

“It really is kind of a get-to-know-you, but I think you will see over the course of — not maybe a year or two, but maybe three or four — a real development of a relationship that businesses, financial investment, will grow.”

On Wednesday, Corbett signed a joint declaration with the governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, which focused on promoting collaboration in energy investments, particularly in oil and natural gas development.

Corbett is in Santiago, Chile today. He will meet with representatives from the Chilean Ministry of Energy this afternoon.


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