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New Website Features Detailed State-By-State Energy Data

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) unveiled a new website today designed to give a better picture of state-by-state energy trends and data.
The site features interactive maps where users can zoom in and see different features related to energy production. For example, users can pull up a map layer that just shows Pennsylvania’s natural gas shale play.
“We had the data on our site in various sources, but it was frankly hard to get to,” says Mark Elbert EIA’s Director of Web Management, “This makes it much more accessible.”
The EIA site doesn’t include detailed maps of individual natural gas wells from state data, which you can view on StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Shale Play map app.
According to the EIA, Pennsylvania ranks fifth among the states in total energy production, coming in behind Texas, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Louisiana.
Pennsylvania is also the fourth-largest coal-producing state in the nation and comes in sixth place for natural gas production.
The agency says it designed the site for a wide range of users including everyday citizens, energy industry analysts, and policy makers.
Here’s a brief video tutorial from the EIA on how to use it. They use Pennsylvania as the example:

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