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Fractivists Urge DRBC to Regulate Pipeline Construction

Kim Paynter / Newsworks/WHYY

Workers build the Laser pipeline in Susquehanna County, Pa.

The Delaware River Basin Commission continues to remain silent on new drilling regulations for the watershed. The commissioners may be waiting for New York to complete its regulatory update. But the most recent news from Gov. Cuomo’s office did not indicate those rules are coming soon.

In the meantime, pipeline construction in Pennsylvania is booming. Smaller lines from wellheads, as well as large interstate lines like the Laser pipeline, and the Marc 1 Hub line will go below rivers and streams. Activists who want the DRBC to ban gas drilling also want the commission to start weighing in on pipelines that waterways, which feed the Delaware River.

Maya von Rossum, from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, spoke at a public meeting today at the DRBC in Trenton.

“With nearly a dozen new pipelines or expansions proposed to cross within the watershed boundaries in order to serve the shale gas drilling industry,” said von Rossum. “We are on the cusp of a new and yet-to-be-recognized environmental hazard for our communities.”

Von Rossum, and several other environmental groups, served the commission with a petition stating that the agency has an obligation to regulate pipelines within the watershed.


  • Ladderback

    Talk about a dog in the manger.

  • Seraphina

    People need to understand just what kind of greed we are working with here. Why did gas giant T Boon Pickens buy 546 million shares of Chesapeake Gas co stock and advocate for drilling all over the US and then dump all of his stock last year and deem gas drilling “a disaster” all while at the same time buying up the majority share of what he calls “BLUE GOLD” WATER people WATER, free natural water. Connect the dots, if we are ignorant enough to sell out to the gas companies and they will make our water unfit to drink then T Boone Pickens will gladly sell us his water. Think beyond the battle and understand the real WAR.

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