AP: 500 Gallons Of Drilling Mud Pollutes Greene County Stream

  • Scott Detrow

The Associated Press is reporting a drilling company has spilled more than 500 gallons of mud into a Greene County stream:

PINE BANK, Pa. (AP) — The Department of Environmental Protection says about 500 gallons of drilling mud spilled into a western Pennsylvania stream at a pipeline project site.
DEP spokesman John Poister says in a statement that the spill happened Wednesday afternoon on a tributary of Dunkard Creek, about 70 miles south of Pittsburgh, near the West Virginia border.
Poister says Equitrans, based in Pittsburgh, was drilling under the creek for a pipeline. The company reported the spill and began cleaning the site, and DEP has taken water samples.

The spill comes two weeks after another high-profile accident: an explosion at a Susquehanna County compressor station.

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